42 days of summer challenge

Summer can be tricky,
you’ve got to find things to do,
keeps the children entertained,
and yourself too.
Third week arrives and you’re exhausted,
you did the zoo, parks and shopping centre,
you’ve bird watched, rain measured and baked
none of those tired smiles are faked
it’s been great
You sit on google typing in words like,
summer fun, things to do in my city and homemade dough,
printing out pages and making notes
50 pages later you still haven’t found something for 
The kids are up early, 6am again
over breakfast they ask what they will be doing that day
with a half smile and through tired eyes you say
‘Mind if we just stay home today?’
‘Of course not Mum! We love that the best’
You thank your lucky stars for one day of rest,
pop on the kettle make everyone some tea,
‘Anyone want a biscuit then?’
‘We’ll have a raspberry BN!’
Something we find in summer is that there are millions of things to do and still it’s not enough! So here are a few snaps of what we did:

Here is our 42 things we did this summer:
got stuck in the rain
got wet socks
went to the park
ran around a city with open space
visited the sealife centre
made sushi
planted a herb garden
grew some cress
learnt to crawl (sort of)
emptied a box of glitter in the living room (still finding it now)
had a picnic in the garden in the sun
had a picnic in the house in the rain
had a family visit
made cookies
made play dough
made a really bad cake
made milkshake
counted snails
jumped in puddles
got 2 teeth
counted butterflies
looked at jellyfish
ate really good pizza
listened to the rain under a blanket
lay on a blanket in the sun
went to bed really late
had movie days
got brain freeze from a slushy
made lots of pictures
made a dream house from cardboard
ate lots of BN biscuits
got glue in our hair
started taking Vietnamese lessons (mummy did anyway)
had our first real laugh
burnt our breakfast because we started to play instead
learnt all the words to a Katy Perry song
went on a train
went on a plane
spotted a heart shaped leaf
learnt to share with Ivy
saw a rainbow
laughed everyday
Summer time is very short and something we loved the best was spending quality time with each other. 
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