4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Small Garden

In an ideal world, you’d have a huge garden with plenty of space for growing vegetables and flowers, an area for the kids to play and a great outdoor entertaining area. But properties with a big garden come at a price and if you’re living in a city, you’re going to struggle to find one. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your garden though, there are plenty of ways you can make a small outdoor space work well. If you’re stuck with a small garden and you don’t know what to do with it, check out these great tips.zara-walker-192613-1024x683.jpg

Good Furniture

When you’ve only got a tiny space outside, you might think that furniture isn’t an option. But you can get some nice garden furniture in the smallest of spaces. You won’t be able to use that space for much else, but you can still sit outside and enjoy the sunshine in the summer. If you do want to use it for other things, consider getting some foldaway furniture that you can put away inside when you want to open up the garden for other things.

Artificial Lawns

You would assume that a smaller lawn means less work, but that’s not always the case. It can be a bit of a pain maneuvering a lawnmower around a tight space, and you’re more likely to get a high concentration of weeds on a small lawn. Any pests that cause brown spots are going to spread quickly over the whole garden rather than being concentrated in one place as they would in a bigger garden. That’s why you might be better off getting an artificial lawn instead. They’re easy to put in, and they don’t need any maintenance once they’re in.

Grow Upwards Not Outwards

In a small garden, you don’t have the luxury of large spaces for growing plants in. If you’ve got green fingers and you want to grow things in the garden, you need to look upwards, not outwards. There are some great wall climbing plants that can turn the boring brick into a beautiful green feature. You can also use hanging baskets around the walls and fences and even put pot plants along the top of the wall. Having a small garden doesn’t mean you can’t have plants, you just have to be a bit more creative about it.

Choose Small Plants

Having lots of hanging baskets, pots, and wall climbing plants is great but if they get out of control, they’ll fill the whole space and the garden will be more jungle and less relaxing space. When you’re picking the plants, choose things that don’t grow too large. You should also consider the growing seasons of the plants and create a balance between winter and summer plants. That way, when one season ends, the new plants will start growing through, and you’ll maintain good coverage without the plants getting too out of hand.

Don’t give up on your small garden just yet. There is still plenty you can do with it if you get creative and use these simple tips.  

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