4 Tips to Train Your Kitten to Play Nice

YouTube videos of adorable kittens can make you crave the companionship of a feline in your family (it certainly did for us, we ended up with two adopted cats!). But what the internet videos do not show are how aggressive kittens can get. Since felines are predators, kittens tend to have an uninhibited hunting instinct. While small kitten attacking your shoes can seem like the cutest thing ever, the habit needs to be curtailed. If you encourage the aggressive behavior in your kitten, then they can continue being aggressive as an adult cat.

Kittens that grow up in a litter learn to control their aggression by “playing nice.” Kittens tend to roughhouse with their siblings and their mother. Some kittens get very aggressive while playing. When the kittens get aggressive, the other kittens stop playing with them. This teaches the kittens that if they want other kittens to play with them, they need to play nice.

If your kitten has not learned bite and scratch inhibition, it is up to you to teach them. Here are a few easy ways by which you can show your kitten how to be less aggressive while playing.

Pause Play

Order cat medicine and administer them to your cat after your cat recommends it. This ensures that even if your cat nips you, you do not catch anything. After you order cat medicine and administer them, you are ready to start playing with your kitten. The best way to deal with your kitten’s aggression is the pause of activity. When kittens play together, they immediately stop playing with the aggressive kitten. You can try a similar technique to prevent your kitten from being aggressive.


The moment your kitten starts nipping at your or scratching you, draw their attention away. While you order cat medicine, you can order cat toys. When your kitten starts attacking you, make some noise or use a toy to distract them. The distraction allows your kitten to calm down and stop their destructive behavior.

Use Toys

When you play with your kitten ensure that you are not using your hands and feet. By allowing your kitten to see your hands and feet as toys, you are encouraging them to attack your body. Use toys to play with your kitten. Toys help your kitten identify the toys as objects that can be roughhoused with. The moment you set the boundary between body and toys, you can see your kitten’s aggression towards you drop.

Use Your Words

If you are trying to correct the behavior of your kitten, then you should never hit them. Hitting your cat can make them fearful of you. You might order cat medicine, but you will have a tough time administering them if your cat is scared of you. You can correct your kitten’s aggressive behavior by using your words. Use commands like “no” and “stop” to correct your kitten if they are stalking you or attacking you. Cats can identify simple commands, so you need to start early to get them familiarised with simple commands.

You can train the aggression of your kitten by starting early and being persistent with your effort.


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