3 Ways To Manage Your Frozen Pipes

We’re not yet in the depths of the frozen winters just yet, but that doesn’t mean that the pipes can’t be affected by the cold weather out there. A lot of homes are building up to the festive season, making the house feel cozy and indulging the kids in a little winter spirit. All of this is exciting, but it does mean that there is a huge chance that you’re going to forget the jobs that really count. One of the household jobs that you should be considering is your pipes.

Kitchens, toilets and outdoor pipes are all affected by the winter months, and any reputable company like AMS Drains will tell you that these need to be as insulated and looked after as any of the pipework in the home. If you haven’t effectively looked after your drains and pipes as the cold weather approaches, you could end up looking at a Christmas of costly repairs and tackling having the pipes replaced in the home – hugely disruptive. Instead, it’s easier and cheaper just to learn how to tackle the frozen pipes as they happen in the home. The last thing that you need is a blockage in the pipes which are caused by ice – frozen shower, anyone? Anyway, some of the best ways to tackle frozen pipes can be found by looking online, but below we’ve got three of the better ways for you to manage your frozen pipe situation.

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Wrap Up Warm Now

It’s still Fall, which means that you have time before the real cold sets in. Prevention is always better than cure, so instead of waiting for the pipes to fill with ice and freeze, why not get them wrapped now? If your pipes are improperly protected, you’re going to find that they are susceptible to freezing. Adding lagging to the pipes can effectively give them a scarf through the cold, keeping them from freezing out. Old blankets and insulation tape can do the job if you haven’t got the proper stuff.

Keep The Heat On

In some houses, the pipes can be insulated properly and yet still deal with levels of freezing in the harshest winters. If you’re heading away for the holidays to see family, don’t leave the central heating off. You need that hot water to continue to travel through the pipes and keep them warm. This can prevent them from freezing. Sure, you’ll be spending money while you’re not in the house, but you need to keep the pipes from costing you even more than that.

Take Action

If you’ve done the above steps and the pipes STILL freeze, you need to take action now. Call in the professionals if you can’t unstick them and if a hairdryer or hot water bottle don’t do the job well. You need to thaw them out the best you can and turn the tap on nearest to the frozen section of pipe so that you can give the water somewhere to go.


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