18 months, pictures, no order, no words.


2 thoughts on “18 months, pictures, no order, no words.

  1. Awwww x what an amazing little journey he’s had! 😉 makes you realie how tiny they were doesn’t it xxx mine has just turned 18 months too… but my post was nothing like this one! lol x I was very rude and when she grows upI expect she’ll parent-divorce me… :/ ha! xxx

    1. Haha, if I were to type it would be something like this..

      ‘This one time she smacked Mr. M in the head and shouting BISH at him, another time she pissed on the back of his head from the changing table as he bent down to put the nappy in the pail – the rest is a gin filled blur, thank god for pictures’

      Hahahah a parent divorce, I am hoping if I have enough spawn 1 of them will like me. Just one… x

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