10 Reasons Why I'm Totally #RockingMotherhood

Firstly, thanks for the tag Amy at The Smallest of Things loved reading her ten points, so check that out if you need ideas for your reasons!

Okay so I feel like, I do rock motherhood, I totally boss it – not everyday but I am a confident badass mother (really). I found this a bit of a challenge though, looking at the reasons and trying to sift through the fluff… So here goes!

  1. As a mother of all girls, I talk to them about everything. We use straight up terms – vagina, breasts, periods… You get the idea, right? I don’t want them to spend years being afraid of their bodies.
  2. They’ve seen me do things like save a bird from the back of the cupboard, unblock a toilet, carried huge heavy boxes, build a camera, and get really technical about computer parts, then in the same day apply makeup, paint my nails, fix my hair and go about my day. I try to show them that you don’t need to be one thing or the other – you can be everything, should you want to be.
  3. They’ve seen me break down. They’ve seen me at my very lowest ebb, red nose, swollen eyes and tight voice. They’ve also seen me pick myself back up, put myself back together and be open about it. I try to show them that emotions are okay, and crying or being sad is nothing to be ashamed of.
  4. They see me put in hours. I blog, I take photos, I do a lot of design work, I edited a book at the end of last year, I cook the meals, clean the house and I fucking love it. They see me do my work, they see the pride in what I do and they love it. More than once they have been excited along with me when I have finished something and they get to see. When I was nominated for an award but didn’t win, when I got home, under my pillow was a certificate and a note, which in the end is worth more than any prize actually.
  5. They’ve seen me judged. We home ed Poppy, and Lily goes to school, they’ve listened intently when people have asked why we treat them differently – because they are different people, as it goes. Or when people have picked at other lifestyles choices I makes, blue hair is a good example. They will tell you that they have choices, and they don’t care what you think of them.
  6. We fight. I am trying to raise girls with a voice, and sometimes this voice gets used on me. I am secretly very happy when they do this, it is not in a disrespectful way, our opinions are different and we voice them. They tell me straight up if they think I am being too harsh or that I’ve got something wrong, and I to them too. They are not afraid to tell me when they think I am wrong, and I love them all the more for it.
  7. They are a team . We use a very cheesy saying, ‘Team work makes the dream work’, all chores, homework and when we go travelling we all try to pitch in. When it comes to bedroom tidying or living room tidy up, even Ivy will do her fair share. Being able to work together, communicate and complete a task is a really important skill to have.
  8. We dance. To diffuse tension, to wake up, to wind down, to relax, to cheer up… We turn up the sonos and dance it out – think Grey’s Anatomy style but with better music. It’s fun, it’s active and it’s an all or nothing thing. There are no stupid moves, there is no wrong way to dance, there are no bad track requests.
  9. I make mistakes. I tell them I’ve made them, because I need them to know I am not perfect. I am human, and making mistakes is okay. One morning I had put a few hours work in and then realised I had set something up completely wrong, that was due in that afternoon. On another occasion I burned the dinner, so badly we had to throw the pan out, and another time got us lost in the woods with no phone signal. I am not infallible.
  10. I believe in Fairies, I believe in Santa, I believe in Unicorns, I believe in Dragons and I encourage them to believe in things too. Sometimes life can be difficult, it can be tiresome, it can be grey, but if you believe in something seemingly impossible, something you’ve never seen and can only imagine, then the things you have to do in life might not seem so impossible either.

I am tagging the very wonderful mothers below and I know that they will be #RockingMotherhood too.

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