Why Send Your Children to an International School?

Every parent wants what is best for their children, and this includes a good education. Being well-educated opens up numerous opportunities in the future, which would not otherwise have existed. Hence, parents are constantly seeking for the best school for their children.

The same is true in the Philippines. As the country continues to grow and develop, parents are increasingly becoming more ambitious with regards to their plans for their children. In order to ensure a good future, many have opted for enrollment in an international school.

Originally established for the children of expatriates residing in the country, international schools have since come to include a significant population of local students. Some even offer scholarships to financially challenged but bright students.

Learn according to global standards

Only recently has the Philippines begun to align its academic standards with those of other countries. As a result, students studying in local schools often have to undergo more certifications and take additional courses should they end up studying abroad.

On the other hand, the academic curriculum used by international schools is in line with international standards that are accepted worldwide. It also allows students to obtain certifications such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), which enables them to apply to universities around the world. Thus, if you are after quality education that is at par with the highest standards globally, international schools offer just that.

Broaden horizons

It is not only in terms of academics where international schools set themselves to high standards. They also assign great importance to extracurricular involvements. Hence, it is quite common for international schools to field teams in many different sports and have state-of-the-art facilities for doing so. They will also have well-developed arts, music, and theatre programs.

Today, many universities value holistic development in addition to good grades. Hence, a wide variety of extracurricular involvement can increase the possibility of acceptance into prestigious universities. Beyond this, however, parents also seek to develop their children’s respective individual talents and make them more well-rounded as well. An international school setting provides them with the opportunity to do just that while carving out a better future for their children in the process.

Acquire a diverse worldview

Studying in an international school exposes children to different cultures from a young age. Their classmates may come from all over the world, and growing up with them will allow them to understand and get along with people from different backgrounds.

This will make them more globally minded as teenagers and adults. They are less likely to hold negative stereotypes of other cultures and are much more likely to know how to handle themselves in an international setting. Growing up in such a diverse environment also minimizes the likelihood of being culture shocked should they move abroad in the future.

Improve future career prospects

In today’s globalized world, companies are constantly seeking to take advantage of foreign markets. Hence, many large companies, especially those with a presence in multiple countries, are regularly looking for people who know how to deal with people from different backgrounds. This is something international school alumni can do all too well.

Beyond this, the life skills handed to someone by an international education will become useful in any field. These are skills that classroom academics cannot always teach, which makes international schools completely worth the experience.

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