Why Might I Require Electrical Services From a Company Such as MM Electrical London?

Electrical services are provided by a wide range of companies based within London, and the rest of the United Kingdom. ‘Electrical services’ covers an ever expanding area of customer care and is an extremely broad term to describe a full range of services such as providing and maintaining lighting systems, installing underfloor heating, or additional powerpoints, and providing well-designed circuits for all areas of a property to provide comfort and efficient running of a home or business, to name but a few.

Many electrical contracting companies in London, like MM Electrical London offer a combination of both fire safety and electrical services. Those who require electrical services can either be a large or small business, or private clients. One example of electrical services that can be used by both business and individuals is an emergency electrical repair service. 

What is an emergency electrical repair service?

An emergency repair service is just one example of an electrical service that your local electricians may offer. Businesses can be in great difficulty if they are experiencing an electrical emergency, this is why a rapid emergency response time can be vital. Some electrical contractors may guarantee a rapid response time, which can make all the difference if, as a business, you are counting the hours of lost revenue.

A few examples of electrical emergencies needing a call out may consist of faulty lighting, or a faulty power circuit, electric locking systems jamming, alarms being triggered. Individuals and businesses could decide to choose an electrical company that has zero call out charges, as well as a fast repair service.

How much do electrical contractors cost, such as MM Electrical London?

Much like any business or company, pricing varies greatly depending on the location, and the severity of the emergency. Electricians in London may charge for the work hourly, and some may charge a call out fee. Pricing may be based on a daily service charge, but it is highly recommended that any client (individual or business) should request an itemised pricing before the work has been completed. 

What is electrical inspection and testing, and do I have to be registered with a company such as MM Electrical London?

Electrical inspection and testing may be suitable for businesses who require a compliance safety check, and approval. Many businesses may or may not be aware of the Health and Safety Work Act that is required to be complied with. Employers and landlords need to comply with this act, as it ensures that all electrical appliances are safe within the workplace, and the home. Although electrical service companies may differ, many adhere to the BS:7671, as well as the Electrical Safety Council (which was formerly known as the NICEUK) guidelines.

What examples of electrical appliances can be inspected, and tested?

A few examples of electrical appliances that can be tested are fire alarm systems, (fire alarm systems can be suitable for a private client’s home, as well as large scale businesses), and fixed wiring systems. Fixed wiring surveys involve the testing of electrical circuits and systems that distribute electricity around the building. A few alternative forms of electrical appliance testing are portable appliance testing, and landlords pre- and post-let inspections. 

What are pre- and post-let inspections?

Electrical inspections may be required before a new set of tenants move in, as well as after tenants move out. Electrical testing is extremely important to ensure all of the electrical appliances are safe, for anyone living or working within the property.


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