Why Do Celebrities Get Veneers?

These days, it seems that anyone who is anyone is getting veneers: the latest celebrity way to get perfect pearly whites. A whole host of famous faces have opted to visit the dentist and get the treatment, from Kylie Jenner to Cristiano Ronaldo and many, many more. What are veneers and why is it such a popular treatment with people who are famous and not so famous? Should people be choosing this option to improve their teeth?

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What are veneers?

Veneers are a means of giving the teeth increased aesthetic appeal, and can be used to treat a range of imperfections. They are made of porcelain that is stretched to create a really thin mould that is placed over the front of the teeth. Each veneer is adapted to fit individual teeth, and the results are permanent.

Rapid fix

Celebrities who choose veneers are usually looking for results as fast as possible. Although great results can be achieved by visiting the orthodontist and getting braces for some patients; those in the public eye often don’t have the time to wait for this kind of treatment to work. While veneers are not an instant fix, the process of preparing the teeth and fitting them is much quicker than that of wearing braces – typically a couple of weeks.

Stay white

The celebrity and most desired smile is one that is white – this is associated with youthfulness and general attractiveness. Whitening treatments can be effective at removing stains and discolouration, but the results of these are not permanent. The porcelain that is used for veneers does not change colour over time, and it is resistant to stains. This means that the patient can enjoy white teeth all the time, without having to complete regular whitening treatments.

Part of the package

People who are in the public eye generally consider their appearance to be of paramount importance. Their face is their fortune, so to speak. As a result, celebrities tend to take as many steps as possible in order to present the best possible version of themselves. This includes taking care with their diets; working out religiously and consulting stylists on the best clothes to wear. 

Famous faces are also renowned for getting a range of cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance; such as botox, fillers, skin peels and much more. When so much care is taken over the appearance of the body, skin, and hair – celebrities would be remiss to neglect their teeth as part of the overall package.

Only for the famous?

Veneers are no longer solely the preserve of the celebrity; they are a popular choice among many people, and can often be more affordable than they might appear. People considering this kind of dental treatment should choose an expert professional who has experience of getting the best possible results. A consultation helps patients to decide if this is the best possible treatment and to explore exactly what is involved – as well as providing realistic expectations of possible results.


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