Why Being Sent To Coventry Is Not Such A Bad Thing

You can’t much closer to the middle of England than Coventry. A city near Birmingham, with a rich history, Coventry is an excellent base point for appreciating the many things that the Midlands has to offer. 

Why not book into a Coventry hotel, and check out some of the great places to visit in the area.


Lady Godiva And Peeping Tom

One of the things Coventry is most famous for is the story of Lady Godiva. In the eleventh century, in protest for her husband, the Earl of Mercia raising taxes, Lady Godiva rode through the streets of Coventry naked. All of the townspeople were instructed not to look at her, but one man did. In punishment, he was blinded, and in reference to him, the idiom ‘Peeping Tom’ was created. 

There are many references to this story in Coventry, but the most notable thing to see is a clock in the city centre that depicts the scene every hour. 

The Nazi Bombing

Coventry was one of the worst-hit areas in the Nazi bombing of the UK during the second world war, and as such lost its beautiful fourteenth century cathedral. Another cathedral was built to replace it in 1962, but the remains of the ruined cathedral still stand to this day in memory of the bombing. 

The new cathedral is of great architectural interest and should definitely be paid a visit.  

The Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry has long been the automotive hub of the UK. Local company, Rover first started producing some of the earliest bicycles in the nineteenth century, before moving onto making cars. Jaguar had a base in the area for a long time, and up until the 1980s, car manufacturing was the dominant industry in Coventry. 

The transport museum celebrates this fact with one of the best selections of vehicles that you are likely to see from bicycles to early cars, to land speed record winners. Cars owned by royalty are on display too. And there is a wide range of classic cars that have their roots in Coventry. 


Cadbury World

A short drive out of Coventry, to Bournville on the outskirts of Birmingham, will take you to the Cadbury factory. Open to the public with lots of great exhibits, and chocolate to taste, you can imagine that you found a golden ticket. 



Again, not too far from Coventry is the historic town of Stratford-upon-Avon, famous for being the home of one of the greatest writers in history, William Shakespeare. The picture-postcard town has lots of character, and is very popular with tourists from all over the world, attracting two and a half to three million people each year. The town has many well kept Tudor houses, several of which are associated with Shakespeare. 

The Specials might have sung about the town becoming a ghost town in the early eighties, but nowadays it is anything but. It is a vibrant city with lots to offer, both in the city and on its doorstep. 


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