Which Type of Schooling Is Right for Your Child?

Deciding what kind of school to send your child to is a complicated affair. There are many different types of schooling systems in the Philippines. Trying to decide among them requires doing thorough research on what they each comprise of. You also have to decide which type of schooling is right for your child based on their interests and learning patterns. Just because a type of education sounds good on paper does not mean that your child will take to it. Here, we talk about the many different types of schooling available for your child and what they each entail.

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Public Schools

The public schooling system follows the curriculum set by the Department of Education. The entire country studies under this curriculum, and it is followed from grade one to high school. Under this curriculum, children are exposed to a broad range of topics, including humanities, business, and science. Children all around the country take the same exams. 

The advantages of this type of education include its wide availability and low cost. Your child will be exposed to people from all parts of society and will grow up in an environment that will teach them a lot. It is right for children who are outgoing and sociable as class sizes can be large. If your child is interested in pursuing a career in the public sector, public schools are an ideal place to start.

Private Schools

These follow a similar curriculum to that of public schools. But the class sizes are much smaller, and there are more resources to support the education. If your child requires a lot of individual attention, sending them to a private school is a good idea. As there are a smaller number of students, teachers are able to provide more one at a time. 

International Schools

Excellent international schools in Manila, Philippines are like private schools in a sense that they are privately owned. But the curriculum follows global standards. Many of them teach in the British education curriculum or other foreign curriculums. Some of them follow the International Baccalaureate. International schools are ideal for your child if you want them to grow up in a diverse and international environment and learn about different cultures. They also provide a high quality of education.


This is also an option that many parents go for. There are many institutions in the Philippines that offer accreditation for homeschooling your child. They will be able to provide your child with the verified transcripts that they need. Parents may choose to go for homeschooling because it gives the opportunity to provide children with a tailored and specialized education. This is an option for your child if they are better at learning in a comfortable and homely environment.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing an education style. There is no one-size-fits-all. Talk to your child about what works for them. Do not be afraid of going to different types of schools and talking to teachers to find out what works for you and your child.


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