Week 3 of the 30 day pet challenge.

You may have read this post – Here – Where I talk about Uggy, his coat issues and show you a picture of the large beasty himself.Something I was a bit dubious about was the amount of value we would get for the price of the bag. We don’t buy the really cheap big bags of dog food but we like to know that it will last a little while when we do buy it.

The measurements of what he’d need was cut by almost a 1/3. This would guarantee the bag would last longer than our current brand I was looking forward to seeing if cutting him back to that amount would have an impact on him at all.

It has.

We are not three weeks into the challenge and this week we have begun to notice a serious improvement in his coat. It’s condition has been drastically improved. By improvement I mean we have seen a reducing in his fur loss on a daily basis, his bed is also less fur-lined and smells less. As I mentioned before Uggy has patches on him that are particularly bad, those have also seen an improvement. His eyes are clearer, Lydia mentioned that this could have been a side effect from something in the food he was eating previously.

The first day we switched to putting less down for him he sat by his bowl looking a little lost around dinner time, on day two he didn’t come back to the bowl or nudge me for more food at all by day 4 (as recommended on the Waingwright’s packaging) he was showing a preference for the new food. This was really surprising to me as he is a little bit of a chompy monster.

After three weeks we are *I think* just over half way through the 15kg bag, next week we would need to buy a new bag of the old food.

By week 8 we should see the full improvements of the change in food. So far I am really impressed with it!!

You can see the difference in the eye redness, The above picture was take today and the below the week before we started the using the new food.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks!


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