Weaning doesn’t need to mean the end of breastfeeding

Something I was not looking forward to was the introduction to food. I like being the food. Now I’m like 75% food and still 100% comfort. Well, it’s a toss-up between me and Mrs Peaches.

So it’s cool to think of a way to incorporate your milk into their diet but not always directly from the breast. Over the weekend I made Breast Milk & Yoghurt Fruitsicles.

Ivy really enjoyed her Fruitsicles. Something I wanted to ensure was that she was getting the most from her weaning experience, and still the goodness of breast milk. Although in the picture above I have cherries I swapped them out last minute for blueberries.

Here are a few very simple recipes:

Here we have a bit of sweet, sour, refreshing and creamy so there is a good mix of flavours and textures here and as they are so healthy and fruity they don’t need to be kept as a pudding or treat type item.

We found them to be a great size for Ivy’s tiny chubby fingers to keep hold of, they soothed her red gums while she teething and she loved the new flavours and textures presented to her.

If you aren’t breastfeeding don’t worry, you can top up with a little more fruit or Greek yoghurt to make up the difference.

We were lucky enough to be given a Nuby Fruitsicle to test out and it’s perfect for the weaning age!


2 thoughts on “Weaning doesn’t need to mean the end of breastfeeding

  1. that is such a great idea i got similar ice pop makers too will defiantly give that a go once MM can hold things better

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