We met on World of Warcraft!

The title kind of gives it away. But, me and my husband met in the game World of Warcraft. Maybe it’s something that should feel embarrassing (or used years ago for some people), but I’ve met some amazing people on Warcraft who I genuinely adore.

Let me take you to a place… called Dalaran. Busy trade chat (public real-time chat), and this guild leader was talking absolute shite. They were, this person, talking about raising a baby frog without having support. A frog that’s called Mojo (oh, look how my blog is called Mojo Blogs). I joked back that I would happily help with the process but only if I got shared custody of our beloved frog.

Cool thing: My brother had known him for a few years already by now, but I didn’t play then, so I didn’t.

watching New Years fireworks some years ago, went Alliance for a bit – awful.

Anyway, the jokes continue and the chat moves from public trade chat to pink chat. Pink is the whispering text colour, the equivalent of a DM I guess. I had red hair then, and that being one of the only things he knew, he just called me Red for ages. Or what seemed like ages because it really wasn’t. Between our first serious conversation, and meeting in Birmingham was something like 3 weeks. He turned up well moisturized, smelling great, and with a Panda teddy for my eldest.

We walked through Birmingham and basically went from food place to food place. The first place we went to was Mash. And, we ate buttery fluffy mashed potatoes and talked about who we knew, game stuff, life stuff. I was getting ready to apply to college, and he was working for The Hague as trainee management. He’s 6 years older than me. Some of our conversations were very focused on future ideas, what we wanted to do, and where we wanted to do it. Typical I guess, but a good indication of if you should keep talking or not.

We did.

Geek dating for us was pretty fun. Because you know for sure that you have some things in common. Things that you both like to do to relax, and so many mutual friends that just vibe together.


It wasn’t easy from time to time. We had tense conversations caused by distance and miscommunication in language. Me not speaking Dutch at all, and English is one of three languages for him. And, in-game politics leaked into real-life conversations. Wild.

Back to meeting and eating…

The first date night we had was in Piccolinoo in Birmingham, and when we got married it was the only place we wanted to eat after. Many of the people we had met in-game came too. It was insane to think that two cows and some blood elves went from shooting and healing in-game to drinking delicious gin and eating pizza at a wedding.

Photo taken by the very talented Sarah Debnam

A matter of years later and someone we love very much met someone via Warcraft. It turned out they weren’t far apart geographically and met us pretty soon after. They’ve been together for some years and are getting married very soon.
(I love you guys if you read this. Can’t wait)

Meeting online used to be a taboo, ultra geeky thing but some of the most compassionate, ambitious, and like-minded people ever – I have met online. I am really happy that dating sites for geeks are a thing now. I feel like if I hadn’t met my husband in Dalaran, then I would’ve headed for a dating site that I felt fit for me.

If you had told me at 15 years old that I’d be marrying someone from a game. Where we were both the GM – Guild Master {boss} of our guilds and handling setting up teams, tactics, and managing so many PEOPLE; until we merged everything in-game and in life. I would’ve laughed in your face.

Yet, here we are. Living in The Netherlands, with some children, one marriage and a heap of other real-life good stuff – all thanks to the World of Warcraft.

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  1. Ahh you guys I LOVE THIS and I love your story! It definitely helps that I’m one of those geeks you met in World of Warcraft, and we now chat on a daily basis. I actually came here to peek at your blog for inspiration on mine, but I’m so glad I was able to read your story! xx

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