The Unmistakeable Qualities Of Child-Friendly Homes

Parenting has many common difficulties, and parents across the world are aware of one in particular which appear again and again. When you have children, you need to put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that the family home is the best possible habitat for them. No matter how many children you might have, how many have flown the nest, what ages they are, this always remains an important issue. But many people find it surprisingly tricky to be able to keep their home in the kind of state of repair which tends to lend itself well to having children. A lot of it is down to practice, to trial and error and figuring out what is best. But there is plenty of received wisdom too, and in this post we are going to look at some of the best. Check out these unmistakable qualities that child-friendly homes usually tend to have. It might give you food for thought regarding your own home.


It is arguable that this first quality is actually the most important for any home which houses a number of children, or even just one. Of course, the more children you have, the more of an issue this does become. But even one-child homes need a certain degree of spaciousness if they are to be a truly child-friendly home. The trouble is that most people tend to really struggle when it comes to trying to make the home as spacious as possible. Many of the techniques you might read about might not seem to apply to your home, or you might feel that they are not realistic. As it turns out, you can create more space in your home relatively easily and quickly if you just apply a little knowhow.

Space is really all about the feeling of space, and this is why very often the advice about space relies on merely creating an illusion. This is usually plenty in the way of improving how space feels for adults. But when it comes to the practicalities of keeping a child in that space, you probably want to make some more tangible changes which will actually increase how much space there is. Fortunately, there are plenty of those solutions to choose from too. It is helpful to go from room to room when you are trying to create space, as each room has its own features, character, and its own way of inhibiting or inviting space. For somewhere particularly small, such as the bathroom, you might need to install alternatives to the traditional options in order to save space. A short projection toilet is probably a good place to start, as it removes the problem of having a huge cistern to house. Similarly, do away with the large bath and go for something more child-friendly, also creating space in the process.


It’s not just the bathroom that suffers, of course. You should look at your main living areas and see whether there is any furniture that you could probably do away with. Chances are, there are, and it is worth looking into if you want to have more space at home. It can sometimes be challenging throwing away items which you have had for a long time or are sentimental, but the change needs to come at some time, and your children will need to take priority.


There is no parent in the world who doesn’t want their child to be kept safe at all times. But achieving such safety within the family home can be a surprisingly difficult endeavour. The home can be full of dangers which you are not aware of until you really look. As an exercise, it can be helpful to go around your home just once and see how many potential dangers you can find, often just lying around. Once you really start to look out for them, it can actually be quite shocking. Obviously, you want to do away with as many of those items as possible, otherwise you might accidentally find that your child is getting hurt. There are so many issues when it comes to child safety in the home that it would be impossible to list them all here. Suffice to say, if you want your home to be the best home for your children as possible, a constant and continual focus on the quality of safety is going to be vital.

This is all much easier said than done, of course, but with a little persistence and perseverance you should find that you soon have a home that you are happy with your little ones running around. When your home is safe, your children and yourself will feel much happier within that home, and ultimately that is what we are going for here.

Working As A Family Unit

Many aspects of keeping a home child-friendly relate to the atmosphere of the place, and not just the physical home itself. However, developing a healthy and supportive atmosphere is the kind of thing that is often much more difficult to achieve, no matter how much you might know it to be vital. On the basic level, you should try to ensure that you are doing everything you can to encourage your child in the home. This means joining them in play, generally being the parent that you know yourself to be, and ensuring that you are continually working as a family unit at all times. When this is achieved, it is often amazing how quickly, immediately and directly, it makes a positive change on the household, and the atmosphere inside the house.

It is also true that atmosphere can be influenced and improved with the use of some basic understanding of light and colour. If you are unsure about how to use light and colour to achieve certain moods, then you might want to look into it as soon as possible. Actually, a working knowledge of things like colour psychology and lighting will help you to create a space which everyone in the family enjoys significantly more. Not least of all, you will be able to ensure that your children not only are safe at all times in the home, but feel it as well. And it’s not just safety that can be affected. In every way that you might want your child to feel more at home, or more relaxed, using light and colour in the right way can really make a world of difference. Get clued up on this if you are keen on leading a happier life at home with your children.

Choosing Furniture

One of the more difficult decisions for all households is choosing furniture. This is for a number of reasons. Even when there are no kids involved, it can be a real difficulty deciding on furniture that everyone is happy with. But when you also have children to think about, suddenly the act of buying new furniture becomes significantly more complex and difficult. For a star, you now need to think about the potential safety and health hazards of anything that you have your eye on. Once you start to look out for these, it is quite surprising just how many dangers there can be on standard furniture options. But it’s not just safety. You also need to think about the ways in which your furniture choice will affect the mood at home. This is something which takes a lot of practice to get right, but it is worth it if you want your children to be happy in the family home.

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