5 Offbeat European Minibreak Ideas

Europe offers so many exciting adventures to the intrepid traveller. With countries, landscapes and peoples so diverse, whatever your taste and preference from a break, Europe can cater for it. From stunning beaches to bustling, vibrant metropolitan centres, ports, mountains, rolling countryside and more – it’s waiting to be uncovered. And we all know the significant highlights – but where can you explore that’s a little more off the beaten track? Where will give your Insta feed more impact than the endless shots of the Eiffel Tower or the Santorini coastline? The truth is that there are so many significant regional capitals and coastline centres that can offer you a truly unique break. Here are five of the best:


Belguim has so much to offer regarding minibreak potential but often seems to be overlooked in favour of glitzier cousins like Paris and Rome. With picturesque medieval streets to stroll through, no end of culture to explore, and some of the most delicious chocolate, beer and waffles you’ll ever taste, it’s well worth a visit. With plenty of cool cafes located by tranquil waterways, a base for battlefield history of WW1 and a stunning art collection, this small regional capital offers something for everyone.


Of course, if you haven’t explored the wonder of Amsterdam, take a look on This Is Holland and plan a break. But you could also consider a stop in Groningen, a bustling university city with a fantastic nightlife. Home to some great and quirky museums, beautiful dining, and not costing as much as it’s counterparts, it’s a great alternative destination that will give you an authentic taste of the Netherlands.


Croatia has become a hot destination of late, but most tourists flock to Split or Dubrovnik, there is far more to explore off the beaten track. Hvar was a bustling port in the Middle Ages of the stunning Dalmatian Riviera and houses a glorious mix of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque architecture. With plenty of sun and that gorgeous coastline, you’ll be set for an exciting break.


Have you ever considered a break in Switzerland? If so, Lugano offers stunning lakes, parks and botanical gardens and beautiful villas. Known as a business centre, it also has so much to offer visitors looking for some leisure, with a great local restaurant scene to please foodies and some stunning luxury spas if you’re looking for a wellness break.


Are you a romantic at heart? If so, planning a break to Sintra could be right up your street. A hidden gem of a city, nestled between the mountains on one side and the sea on the other, there is a huge offer of history plus lots of gastronomical excitement to discover. Sintra was home in the 18th and 19th centuries to many creative writers who led the Romantic movement- and in this setting, it’s easy to see why.



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