4 Tennessee Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

Tennessee is in the deep south and contains some of the most popular cities and tourist spots in the whole of the US. Thousands of people flock here each year from all corners of the globe to catch a piece of the action.

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There’s a lot to explore in this big state, but there’s also a lot you should know before you go. So, have a read of these Tennessee travel tips before setting off on your travels:
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Expect To Hear A Lot Of Country Music In Nashville

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee, but it’s also the home of country music. So, be prepared to hear it wherever you go. Live performances in bars and restaurants is a very popular thing, so make sure you look around if you’re after a quiet bite to eat. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to take in as much country music as you can because it’s a special thing to experience in Nashville. The main thing you don’t want to do is badmouth it in front of the locals!

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Go To Memphis For The Best Barbecue

The deep south is famous for its cuisine – particularly barbecue. If you think you’ve had a good barbecue before, then you’ll have to reassess your opinion after a trip to Tennessee. The best place to go? Well, it’s undoubtedly Memphis. It’s a city full of restaurants offering quintessential barbecue plates that will leave you salivating for days.

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Knoxville Is Great For Outdoor Adventures

Most people neglect Knoxville whenever they travel to Tennessee. This is mainly because Nashville takes centre stage, and then there’s Memphis backing it up. If you’ve ever been to these two cities, then you probably assume there’s not a lot to gain from going anywhere else in the state. However, Knoxville is an amazing city if you want to experience fresh air and the great outdoors. Make yourself comfortable at the Knoxville Marriott in downtown, then put your hiking shoes on and explore the vast natural surroundings. It’s well worth spending a day or two here if you’re travelling to Tennessee. Otherwise, you miss out on all the natural beauty in this state.

Go During Spring/Fall

Generally speaking, Tennessee offers quite a balanced climate throughout the state. Some areas can get quite hot during the summer, while others stay rather mild. If you travel during the winter, then you can experience a lot of cool winter sports and many things throughout the area. Having said that, many locals and travel experts say that spring/fall are the two best times to visit. In both these seasons, the weather is nice and bearable, and you avoid some of the sheer humidity you get during the summer months.

Tennessee offers a whole host of cool things for tourists from all over the world. The cities here are very diverse in what they offer, meaning you can enjoy a mixture of things while seeing a lot of the state! It’s great to visit at almost any time of the year, so maybe you should add it to your travel plans for 2018? If you do, then I hope this guide has given you some things to know before you go.





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