Top 10 Stands at The Baby Show

There is much to see at The Baby Show and you should try to plan out who you want to see – and get there a little early. One of the best things about The Baby Show is the big names with big discounts and the smaller boutique style stalls where you can pick up a bargain and try brand new products. I’d also advise you to take one or more canvas totes, there is a lot of information and a great deal of samples to pick up so if you don’t want to be caught short plan ahead!

The stands that really stood out over the course of my two days were the ones with the nicest staff who not only spoke about their products but also chatted away in general, they all went the extra mile to demonstrate their products and give you advice based on budget, house size, baby weight and age. So don’t be afraid to ask them to show you how something works and for their opinion on the items in front of you.

Cosatto – Boring pushchairs, buggies and prams and accessories are a thing of the past. Cosatto have some of the most iconic designs, so if you’re on the lookout for something bright, light and excellent quality these guys are the ones for you.

NUK – Not only did these guys have one of the best goodie bags in the place but their 50% off was just incredible. The products are fab, have a sense of personality and the staff were super friendly.

Fisher Price – Not only are these guys one of the big sponsors for the show but their stand is jam packed. It has a play area incorporated into the stand and is showcasing Jumperoo old and new but they also have a whole host of bouncers, hand held toys, high chairs and more! The bright and friendly stand is a must.

Lansinoh – Currently celebrating 30 years in the breastfeeding business the gentle lilac coloured stand is packed with information and everything from nipple cream to the gorgeous mOmma bottles. These bottles are such fun

Close – For me the Close Caboo is one of my must haves for new parents, the stand is filled with soft, organic carriers, Pop-in reusable nappies (one for the nappy heads) and beautiful bibs. I have loved this brand for years and even though my carrier is in to its third year and second child we still get complimented on it’s simplicity and ease. They have a pretty good discount too!

Jack and Jill Kids – Toothpaste! If you are one who likes something a little quirky but also natural and organic as possible these are for you. Biodegradable packaging, cornstarch handles, cups made from bamboo and rice husks, BPA & PVC free and those are just the brushes and cups. The Toothpaste comes in a range of flavours, safe to swallow, fluride free, sugar free, colour free, SLS free, mint free, no preservatives and that is just half of the list. The stuff looks ultra cool and even the pickest of kids will find a flavour they love.

Slumber Roo stand for Jellystone Designs – They are showcasing some impressive wraps however what really caught my eye here was the brightly colours teethers. They are really awesome. They have necklaces, bangles, Jellystone Juniours (stuff for 3yrs +)  and the jChews. The jChew really caught my eye. They are bright, FDA approved, BPA free silicone teethers and they come in a range of colours and designs. The staff are friendly and very helpful too.

Cheeky Rascals / Love To DreamTM  – The only arms up swaddleThe Love To Swaddle UPTM works on the basis that babies tend to sleep with their arms up when possible their design helps aid a more natural sleeping position for your newborn. Simple design, soft, stretchy and breathable fabric they are a lovely alternative to the more traditional sleep bags. 
The staff are able to answer and questions you have about the product and happily demonstrate how to use it.
Chunk! – Had a whole host of brilliant clothes, from brands I’d heard of like Joules and ones I hadn’t like Seersuck. The whole idea is to make designer clothing affordable when your little ones are growing like crazy. Lovely people and some amazing clothes on the racks. 
Chicco – With a place to play right in the center of the stand it is easy to see Chicco’s dedication to earning the title of ‘The Happiness Brand of 2014’. They unveiled the new Next2Me crib this year which is a cosleepers dream. You can pick up toys, feeding pillows, pushchairs and carseats but you can also pick the brains of their knowledgeable staff.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Stands at The Baby Show

  1. Ooo I like the sounds of this chunk stand, gutted I missed it! I somehow missed quite a few stands. Was lovely to meet you but definitely have to meet up again, somewhere less hectic next time! 😀 x

    1. It was quite a small stand but packed with stuff! I think next time I will do the three days, one for saying hello, one for shopping and one for the talks. I have no idea how people fit it all in in just one day! Yes, less hectic for sure haha! x

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