The Summer Home Edit

While everyone is complaining about the heat, (and rightfully so in some cases!), there is no finer time to turn your home into a serene oasis. It’s likely that the next few weeks will continue to be as hot as and as humid, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in a villa or holiday home in a warmer climate, there are a few things that just make it so much more comfortable.


We tend to have hardy herbs like Rosemary all year round, but during spring/summer, we add Mint, Parsley, Basil and Coriander to our kitchen window ledge. We cook fresher, healthier dishes and fresh herbs go hand in hand with that. So adding a lot of plants to each room, or swapping out the old for the new is something I really enjoy. Rather than cooking heavy, starchy dinners, they tend to be lighter salads with fresh lemony dressings.

Let The Light In

During the day we want as much light in the rooms as possible, so we make sure we swap out any thicker curtains for lighter nets, voile or blinds. It’s a simple change, but it makes the rooms so much brighter and airy on sunny summer days. Simple yet, effective. Another massive thing we changed in the last few years, is our flooring. Where once we had carpet, we have made the change to laminate.

Home Fragrance

Now although the summer comes with its own smell, I like to have a fragrance or two around the home. Specifically, at the moment I have Ambi Pur Cherry Blossom, and Thai Orchid spaced around the hallways and landing. And, plus a very lovely Sleep Serenity Warm Milk & Honey in my bedroom I love the floral smell of the first two, but while I’m working in my room at night, the Warm Milk & Honey is light and creamy and super relaxing.

Cool Breeze

I don’t think my Summer Home Edit would be complete without my most used summer item. A fan. Invest in a great fan for the days where it is just too hot. Often in the evenings, the girls get a bit restless due to the heat, and we find having a fan on provides a beautiful breeze that is much needed. We have one with night mode which simulates wind blowing in the evening, and it’s somewhat relaxing. Although, since it looks like we might be in for a few more of those unbearable (for me at least) summers, it might be time to make like an American and get some air-con installed.

Blanket Layers

I am a lover of blankets, I have them all over my house. Some evenings can just be too hot for a duvet of any type, so I swap to blanket layers. I can add and remove as needed and find myself in complete comfort.




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