Choosing Ankle Boots

I am a huge ankle boot fan. I find them easy to wear, supportive on the ankle and super versatile.

In general, I tend to opt for two types of ladies ankle boot. The biker style boot, with laces, buckles, bars, zips and heavy soles. These automatically make me feel ready for the day. I tend to wear them with jeans, baggy jumper and a  slick of red lipstick.


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There is something delicious about boots. I tend to stick to black or tan, I feel like they go with the most outfits. Shirt dresses and ankle boots are basically a staple of my wardrobe.


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The pull on boot, my second go to, is a lifesaver when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to be dealing with laces and hooks. They look cute with thick slouchy socks and floral tea dresses or skinny worn out jeans and a light shirt. Boots can look informal or put a nice edge on a sleek office style, depending on shape, style and colour.

When choosing ankle boots I think about where they will fit in my everyday wear, the shape of the toe, the height of the heel and the shape of the leather around the ankle. A darker brown boot goes gorgeously with earthy tones or green, maroons, most tan shades and work brilliantly with light jeans and shirt combos.

I find black boots tend to be a bit more edgy, but work with everything from tea dresses to slick office wear.

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