How to Have the Smoothest Car Journeys

For s long as I can remember, it’s always been cheaper for my parents to drive to our holiday destinations. At a certain point in the summer, the days with bright blue skies and the summer smell in the air I am reminded of the times my Dad would drive us down to Brighton to see our family there.

It was a trip we always waited for. We felt safe in the car, you could sleep as he drove, knowing everything would be fine and you’d arrive to see you cousins in a few short hours. It’s mostly because he’s always been very diligent with car care. Before long journeys, he would always do a few essential maintenance things, although I have included a more detailed infographic below from Slater Gordon PI lawyers which has more detailed information.

  1. Tyres. We’d head to the garage and he would make sure they were the correct pressure, check them over  for and wear and tear that might be a problem.
  2. He would do a quick check to make sure all the lights were in good working order.
  3. Oil would be checked and topped up if needed.
  4. Water levels and windscreen cleaned would all be topped up too.
  5. The carseat for my littlest brother. The rules were different a few years ago, but this was always checked.
  6. Boot – spare tyre, first aid kits, spare bulbs, and a few extra safety items would be in the back.

Without fail, he would eat and sleep before we headed out to make sure he never got tired while making the journey. In short, safety checks are essential to make sure you are as safe as possible while making care journeys.

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