Simple, Stress-Free Moving

If you’ve ever moved house, you’ll know that it can be a ticket to stress city. Carrying out such a big project can be a massive weight on your nerves, but there are many ways you can make the process easier. You’re not going to feel like you just got back from the spa after following these tips, but you’ll undoubtedly be much more relaxed than you would be otherwise.

Start Planning Yesterday!

If you fail to plan blah blah blah – you know the rest, right? Just like any project of this size, the sooner you start planning your move, the easier it will be when you hit the big day. Firstly secure yourself a man and van nice and early, for this, you’ll literally just need to google ‘Cheapest Man and Van‘ and search through the deals. If you’ve got too much stuff to move it all in one trip, then using an online storage space estimator can also be handy. Call up friends and family, and make sure you know exactly who you can count on for help on the big day. Once you’ve got these details sorted out, start packing. Get the non-essential items into boxes before anything else, along with anything you won’t need between now and moving day. This will save you from that horrible mad panic of trying to pack everything in a couple of days and help you keep the boxes organised.

Think “Easy Peasy”

When it comes to moving, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. When you start packing, keep an eye out for small opportunities to make life easier for yourself. If you’re bringing a wardrobe with you, leave all the clothes on the rail and make plans to get the whole thing in the moving van. This can save a lot of unnecessary work when you’re trying to settle into the new place. If your flatware, kitchen utensils and similar items are already sorted into drawer organisers, then pack the organisers rather than the items themselves. Be sure to keep your boxes organised per room, and label them accordingly. Little tweaks here and there can save you hours of work and stress in the long run!

Use Smaller Boxes

This tip may sound negligible, but it can really make your next moving day so much easier. The difference in using smaller boxes is that it will be easier to judge how much you can move from A to B at once, and when you’re carrying them you’ll be much nimbler. This means that there won’t be any awkward shuffling around the doorways and corners in your new home. You’ll need larger boxes for larger items, but in most cases, you’ll only need a few of them. Even though going out of your way to source smaller boxes means you’ll be moving more of them, they’ll make the overall work of moving significantly less stressful. At the very least, packing and unpacking them so quickly will feel like a series of little victories, which can do a lot to keep you going when things get tough!


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