Simple Gift Guide For The Car Enthusiast

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Gift giving can take some serious skills, and with Christmas lurking just around the corner, we’re rapidly approaching that time of year when we need to rack our brains for something thoughtful to buy for even the most difficult friends and family. Whether it’s your uncle, aunt, brother or son if they’re a petrol head and into their cars, then maybe there’s something in this gift guide that can help you. 

Novelty car accessories:

From gear stick bottle stoppers to a pair of fluffy dice, novelty gifts make great stocking fillers and are bound to crack a smile. The internet is a treasure trove of novelty gift ideas and there’s something to suit every type of car enthusiast out there, whether they’re into the classics or modern supercars there’s something for everyone and you may even find something for yourself while you’re looking. If you really want to make the gift special and go the extra mile then many novelty gifts can now be personalised too!

Practical car accessories

Although novelty gifts are great fun and will always be a big hit with friends and family both young and old, as we mature we do tend to start appreciating those gifts that we can get some real use out of – something that the recipient wouldn’t buy themselves but will really thank you for. Why not find out what kind of car the person has, or what their dream car would be, and have a look at buying them something genuine from that brand in their specific make or model. From Mercedes accessories to Landrover seat covers there are genuine branded products out there for most car brands. 

Experience days
For many a car enthusiast the closest they’ll get to their favourite automobile is watching it through the TV screen – so why not give memories for a lifetime by gifting them an experience day they’ll never forget. From racing a Ferrari around a track to offroading a monster-truck through the woods there’s a great range of experience days out there that suit a wide spectrum of budgets. For the younger petrolhead, there are go-karting sessions, and race experience days where they can be driven around the track by a professional race car driver! Just be sure to check the expiry dates of experience days carefully as some may be quite short or limited to certain days and you don’t want to be caught out. 

DIY gifts
Most car lovers not only enjoy driving their favourite car but tinkering with it too, which makes car care packages, detailing kits and tool kits a perfect gift. Alternatively for those who are not allowed to make alterations to their own car then a great way to keep both young and old minds and fingers busy is with a model car kit or remote control replica of their favourite vehicle. Model car kits are available to suit all ages, with the more expensive kits often coming in exact scaled-down ratios of their real-life counterpart!

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