Shit I Enjoyed in 2020

2020 has been all kinds of fucked up, no? Well, in general, most things did not go to plan in 2020. Alas, not everything is always bad, even when it is 90% mad shit.

I stopped blogging because I didn’t want to contribute to any of the conversations going on, and it just seemed a little… pointless? There were a few here and there, but for the most part I just couldn’t be bothered. I know that some people have used their blog to spread a little bit of joy, a main source of income, and so much more.

But me? I turned into a contemplative, pondering, aggresively learning recluse.

Anyway, here are some simple shit things I enjoyed in 2020.

This Album:

I actually watched the Live Extravaganza at 4am with a coffee, which was cool.

Sourdough starter recipe:

In March I made a sourdough starter, and went through the disgusting stinky phase with it. Anyway, she is called Derek, and I now also have Martha. Derek has been been split and gifted out, Martha is incredibly sour. So that was good.


I say this annoying thing, only boring people get bored. I hate the feeling of not doing anything. So I purchased an iPad, and Procreate. Any made some stuff:

Made a font, made a swearing thing, made the Queen Sarah Paulson in Ratched, my son, an oddly shaped doughnut and a fish. Will my talent ever cease I hear you ask, well probably – but not today.

This is also an album that makes me all in my feelings and contemplative:

I particularly recommend She Burns, Casanova and Unlike Any Other. The bass that kicks in on She Burns at 1.32 is delightful. Recommend headphones though because it has a particular tone that demands true attention.

I watched Foy a few weeks ago, it was Hope in The Highlands: A Concert Film from Dunvarlich. Was nice, I ate veggie spaghetti meatballs and wine.

Giving a fuck about:

Here are some places my money went this year:

Click the picture to head to donation point.
Clicky picky go donate-y
Click pic, go to donation

If you can donate to causes you care about that is awesome. But just as awesome is sharing and getting involved in other ways. You can also sign petitions for causes that you care about too. Good shit.


Went vegetarian early in the year. Keep trying to work out why I am putting animals that have brains, thoughts, and feelings in my food and eating them.

Turns out I can’t make it make sense.

Next year I intend to be 100% plant based, and gin is basically all vegan, so I also plan to drink a lot of it. Nice.

Lily has also been vegetarian the same amount of time, and is intending to go plant-based too. So it’s cool to have someone who has the same goals.

Oh and don’t bother @ing or leaving a comment about ‘don’t be one of them vegans that talk about being vegan‘. You’re just as bad, go suck on some rotting flesh and talk about how you can’t not have bacon. Basic ass.


I have been mindful as fuck this year. In fact that is a solid 35.4 and a bit weeks of mindfulness.

I have listened to sleep stories, done yoga, listened to some rain music, and meditation. I am aggressively zen. Try me, I will still fight you, but I will do it calmly. ZING!


Started college, learning Dutch. Ik heb geen idee wat ik aan het doen ben (I have no idea what I’m doing). The less said about the better. But if you have ever learned a language as an adult, then you know it takes a lot of energy.

Maaaaaaaaaar ik moet het doen. (but I have to do it).

More music innit:

Residency Permit:

Something about Brexit, stupidity and what not. Anyway, I have in my possession a Dutch Residency permit. So that is nice.


I have 50. Ranging from cactus, and flytraps to terrariums and orchids.

That is it. I am done. Here is some photos near by where I live.

Oh oh oh, also realised how irritating it is that people on the internet shoot people over spelling errors. If you can understand what the person is trying to get across, quit being a fucking cunt about it. No one is giving you a little gold star for pointing it out, and if it gives you a warm fuzzy just to do it – find a new hobby.

I have bread rising and I have to feed my sourdough. Bye.

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