5 Tips For Dry Skin Babies

I’ve always had little patches of irritated skin on my body. When I was younger it was a nightmare, I’d scratch my way through the summer causing cuts and bleeding on the already thin and painful skin. When I had my eldest she appeared to have escaped the horrible nightmare of eczema. With baby number two she had a few patches then they magically disappeared and haven’t really (and luckily) ever returned. However, my youngest, from top to toe is covered in dry, scaly and itchy skin.

I have got myself and her into a routine now to keep her skin soft, moisturised and as itch free as possible. Here are a few tips I use to keep her condition as minimal as possible.

  1. Don’t bathe too often. This one horrifies a lot of people, but I try to avoid bathing daily and aim for every 3 days. If we’ve been out and she’s muddy we have no choice but if we’ve been relatively lazy and there hasn’t been a mass amount of dirt involved I give her a skin a rest as much as possible. When she was bathing daily her skin was so dry that none of our routine worked. We sat with our doctor to find a better way to tackle it.
  2. When you do bathe, do some research into what you are going to use. I found a handy list of 25 Organic Baby Washes on Babies Lounge , we have found that Aveeno bath oats have been amazing and leave her skin soft, clean and we’re hard pushed to find and patch of red skin while she’s bathing.
  3.  Cream. Cream. And more Cream. Her skin is very, very dry. The drier the skin, the itchier it becomes and then you get into the cycle where the skin needs even more help to heal. We opt for a mixture of creams here. We use something with healing help on anything that is bleeding or cracked, and a thick itch relief cream on anywhere that is dry but not cracked. This was a trial and error stage, it took months to find creams that really worked. Learn the difference between lotions, ointments and creams – and work with your doctor to find the ones that work.
  4. Clothing. We stick with light, breathable fabric, we try to avoid tights, wools and anything with large tags that can irritate during the day. When we are at home she rarely wears clothing, it’s a choice she has been making for months now. It allows her skin to breathe, she itches less and is happier.
  5. Take a look at what type of detergents and soap products you are using on your clothing. It might be worth swapping to something else. They are often slightly more expensive but in the long run, the benefit to your child will be massive. Look out for dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and suitable for sensitive brands.


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4 thoughts on “5 Tips For Dry Skin Babies

  1. My son is 9 days old and skin very dry at the moment. I was using baby oil But i couldn’t get any good result.
    Can i use another brand or which brand would be better for me?

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