Say Goodbye To Crooked Teeth With Invisalign

Growing up can be challenging enough without worrying about getting teased on your appearance – crooked teeth damage self-esteem for a lot of adolescents. While traditional braces work to straighten one’s smile, their fixed nature can be an inconvenience or an eyesore for some. 

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Alternative treatments to achieve a perfect smile

Invisalign is the perfect solution for people who face a lack of confidence and do not want their current lifestyle disrupted in any way, shape or form. 

In a nutshell, they are invisible braces that can be taken out at any time of the day for two hours. Eat the food you like without worrying about morsels getting stuck in your teeth, or damaging wires with hard food. 

You do not have to limit your active lifestyle with these aligners, remember to take them out if you are playing sports that entail a high risk of injury. You can easily remove and put them back into place without feeling discomfort as they are made to fit your mouth and jaw comfortably.  

Is the treatment one size fits all?

Your treatment plan is custom designed for you alone using advanced 3D technology. This technology outlines the series of movements your teeth will take with the invisible braces in place for six to 18 months. 

Every two weeks, your orthodontist provides you with a new set of aligner trays. Be prepared for some discomfort as your teeth adapt to their new position. 

Are there other benefits, besides straight teeth?

While many people get braces to fix crooked teeth or an overbite, the benefits of using invisible brackets go far beyond the surface in so far as improving dental and overall general health. 

Straight teeth mean easier cleaning in hard-to-reach places, which in turn prevents plaque building up and cavities from forming.  

What are the differences between fixed braces and these?

While both have the same objective; to straighten teeth and improve health; their methods differ. 

With regular or fixed braces, metal brackets are glued to the enamel of your teeth, with wires then manoeuvred through and between the brackets; their purpose is to mould and straighten over time. These are irremovable and do have an impact on your lifestyle by way of cleaning your teeth and eating.  

As mentioned previously, the clear mouth guards used with non-visible braces are removable. No two sets are identical, the purpose of which is to move your teeth into place slowly.

Possible downfalls

Their removable feature might be a benefit, but one runs the risk of losing the aligners trays or forgetting to put them back after eating. The treatment won’t be effective without the necessary discipline. In this instance, the immovability of fixed braces removes the risk and temptation entirely. 

Sufferers with more complicated issues will have to consider other treatments, meaning this one is somewhat restrictive in terms of who it can help to achieve a desirable smile. 

While typically used for teenagers, braces are now used by people of all ages. If you or your child need their teeth fixed but are prone to feelings of self-consciousness, these discreet braces are made for you.


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