Puff Pastry Cheese and Tomato Pasty



I am a huge fan of using puff pastry for savoury pies, sweet treats and pizza, I sometimes use it for pasties too. So I thought why not have a go at making a sausage roll but with cheese and tomatoes! It went well. I didn’t want to overload it with cheese as I think it can go grease really fast and I didn’t want that to happen but you can easily add more if you want to.


1 Sheet puff pastry
2 Cherry Tomatoes
100g grated cheese
30g garlic and herb cream cheese
A small amount of milk for milk wash.

Make sure you have left your pastry out of the fridge for about 15 minutes so it’s nice and easy to roll out.


Spread cream cheese on half of the puff pastry sheet, leave an inch of so around the edge so we can seal the pastry later.


Sprinkle your grated cheese on top.



Place your sliced tomatoes on top of the cheese, and brush some milk on the edge that you’ve left.


Once you have finished, fold the top over and begin to press down the edge with a fork.



I also put like Z prints all over it and an air hole in the middle, brush the remained of your milk all over the pastry. Pop it in the over for gas mark required on the packet of the puff pastry (mine was 7) for about 25 minutes or until golden brown and puffed up.



Once you’ve taken it out of the oven you can cut it into about three big servings or a lot of little bite-sized ones. Prep time is about ten or so minutes so they are fast and easy, fuss-free and who doesn’t love a Puff Pastry Cheese and Tomato Pasty?






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