13 Weeks Pregnant

It feels strange to be talking about being 13 weeks pregnant. I have kept it really under wraps. So now we are the size of a peach apparently. I’m hungry today, which is nice. I’m craving green vegetables – kale, broccoli and spinach. I have a recipe that I am going to try to make today, it might take a few hours to get the prep done but last year slow living fascinated me. This year, I am having to live slowly and very purposefully.

This Week

Luckily, we are currently in half-term. The girls have all needed a rest. They’ve played with Lego, made drawings, painted pretty pictures and slept. All three of them have been unbelievably wonderful to me. They are mindful humans, they care so much. The excitement of the baby has remained constant and so has their care for me. I think they needed to see a scan picture as much as I did. Just so that they can put a tiny spine and face to the reason I’ve been so lacking as a parent.

I am toying with the idea of a gender scan in about 3 weeks time. Thinking about the future, the tiny toes, the birth and the gender of the new addition is incredibly helpful. Although it may seem like there is ages to go, August isn’t that far away. If you look at it in terms of school terms and holidays – which is how I live my life.

I made a fruit salad this morning, and it took a while, I feel so slow. My brain seems to not be on full tick right now, half baby brain, half hungry/sick. On the positive side, my pills are working well today. I have managed plenty of water, and a cup of fruit.

Next week we are the size of a lemon. Which I didn’t know were bigger than a peach. The more you know.


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