Pink Clove Plus Size Clothing Review

Something I always struggle with is feeling comfortable in my clothing. I am by nature very self-conscious.

What about this wobbly bit?

Does pattern make me look like a fat canvas?

Why is the dress clinging to this bit? I didn’t even know I had a bit there to cling to!

Is denim okay for fatties?

Are things that often spin around my head. The clothes I wear, because of this, need to give me confidence from the minute I put them on. I just can’t enjoy my day any other way. As a blogger person I get to go to lovely events a lot, I was starting to overuse my trusty black jeans and a jumper combo. It always looks smart and is really comfortable. However, I had Blogfest coming up and really wanted something comfortable and something I could sling on at 4am and feel okay about it.

So, I went to all my normal clothing places and I just couldn’t find something without frill, without sheer bits and ‘faff’. I like simple stuff, easy stuff, 3 kids, a dog, school runs & working from home type easy stuff.

Pink Clove Denim T-shirt Dress Review


Meeting up with friends is easy, you know they wouldn’t mind if you are wearing a black bag. But sometimes you want to be asked ‘Hey, where did you get that?’ or ‘That’s nice!’. Hopefully, you can tell by the look on my face I was asked plenty of times.

I was wearing the Lia Denim Look Tee Shift Dress. I’m 5’3 and found it to come just to the knee, which is fine for me. I was going to wear tights, but the weather was not cooperating, it was actually¬†snowing… So I teamed it with thick leggings, doc martin style wellies and a fluffy cardigan.


Here is what it looked like on the model:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 09.00.50

I would say it hangs well, I went a size up because I always find these type of dresses can sometimes come tight across the chest. It’s not a heavy material, and not too thick so it works in the winter with layers and spring/summer easily.



The photos above shows how the dress looks close up, which you can’t really tell from the store picture. You can also see the outline of my bra, so I’d recommend you go for smooth/no lines underwear or you certainly see the lines. I think the dress is lovely, and for what you pay you get a good dress, that can be worn so many ways and all year round.

Pink Clove Floral Shift Dress Review

The other dress I opted to review was this Pola Rose Printed Shift Dress:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 09.28.57

Even though I ordered the same size in both dresses this one hangs better by far. It’s bright but not too crazy and I’ve had so many compliments on this one. I tend to wear it with a pair of trainers (black with a white sole, you know the sort) and cosy tights. It works dressed up or dressed down which is really great for me.



As you can see in the picture, the pattern does vary and mine is far more orange than black, but that is fine. It’s been washed a few times since I have had it and has held up well, you can see on the close-up that it’s a super light fabric. The neckline also is a lot lower on me that the model and the fit is a lot looser than the denim style dress.

I originally thought I would get more wear out of the denim dress but actually, the relaxed fit of the Pola Rose Printed Shift Dress has won me over without a doubt.

Pink Clove will actually get my custom again, I really hate paying over the odds for something to wear and I have worn the items so, so much since they have arrived.

They ship worldwide, have EU/UK/US sized guides, are on trend and have the same styles & cuts you will see in any major high street chain and I think their prices are much better(!)

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    1. I thought it must not just be me. I love the second dress a lot! They have a sale at the moment so I think I might pick up a few more plain black ones as they are a staple in my wardrobe. xx

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