Period Talk & Teens

When it comes to periods, I feel fortunate that so much of the biological stuff is tackled by sex education and biology in school. While I am pretty good at covering any topic the kids ask about, I am by no means a menstrual wizard. We talk about periods, boobs, sex and a whole array of things that have arisen now my eldest is in school.

I am however more than experienced when it comes to having periods. I think it is essential to be open with your kids about periods, and certainly more so if you have girls. After all, if they can’t talk to you about it – who can they go to? It helps that the kids have seen plenty of different products to help tackle my own periods. We have a selection in the bathroom, everything from reusable cups and reusable pads to Lil-Lets and night pads with wings – in every absorbency imaginable. Because I know what works for me, might not work for Poppy.

We’ve talked about how to use each of the products in as much detail as I possibly could because who knows when a period might arrive. If she happens to be in school or away for the evening then knowing how to insert a tampon or place a pad won’t be too much of an issue. We’ve also talked about disposal because I think most people instinctively would put it down the toilet – so we’ve dealt with that.

Although I guess nothing can truly prepare you for the first time you sneeze when you’re on your period!

I’ve done my best to make sure that the whole topic is as normal as talking about cheese on toast.

Aside from the products I use I have a kit ready for her. I have heard you can buy these kits now, but I think there is nothing as lovely as making the first-period kit yourself.

Here is what’s in it:

Lil-Lets teens Smartfit tampons and a pads
A sachet of paracetamol (because those cramps can kick ass!)
Clean pants

This little bag is in her school bag for the day that that day arrives.

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