My New Baby Essentials

I am mostly from the school of thought that all you really need for a new baby is a boob*, bed, and nappies. It can get as ‘stuff’ heavy as you like though, that is entirely up to personal approach and budget.

My new baby essentials aren’t just about the baby, they are about me too.

I like to keep it as minimal as possible. While some baby things are incredibly cute, I am just very aware that they don’t last that long before they’re outgrown. I kept Ivy’s newborn to 12 months clothing, which has also meant I have very little to buy. So rather than splurge on clothing, toys, and extras. I have been able to stick to what I feel are my essentials.

My New Baby Essentials:

  • Brightly coloured muslin cloths. I use them for utterly everything. Wiping spit-up, mopping up leaking milk, as a comfort thing – a spot of breastmilk on and tucked next to the baby. I find them a bit of a non-negotiable.
  • A new baby blanket. With my other three, I picked up a new blanket for them all. This time, I fell deeply in love with one from Aldi. It is a simple soft grey blanket and embossed with stars. It has been washed and is ready to start its new life with a new owner in the next few weeks. Aren’t blankets magic?
  • I don’t tend to bath baby in the early days. I wait approximately ten days. The creamy, waxy vernix is designed to give baby protection from infections, it soaks into the skin and is a moisturiser. You can remove any blood or meconium with a gentle rub of a towel, and after that, it is up to you. For me, I want to get all of those hormones bouncing around my body ready for breastfeeding and hold on to the sweet new baby smell. So my preference is as much skin-to-skin as I can get without washing away that new baby smell. After about 10 days, I personally love the really light fragrance of Johnson’s baby range. I actually use it myself too.
The updated version to the one we have             (click image to check out the product)
  • Baby carriers. We have a Caboo Carrier and have had it for 6 years now. During that time it has gently carried two other babies daily. It is easy to breastfeed in, it doesn’t take up much room, washes well and swaps between my husband and me with some minor adjustments.

  • Vests. So, so many vests. I recently had some maternity ones from Boohoo, but I also have a BShirt stashed ready too. Why? Well, because they are staples for breastfeeding. I am not shy when it comes to feeding in public, however, sometimes I would rather be more covered than usual. The BShirt provides a bit more coverage than your average vest top and is really easy to use. The one featured above is a BShirt Lift the Flap in Storm Grey, super soft, very generous sizing. Oh, and if you love little touches, there was a small bar of chocolate in the delivery too.

Anything else?

Other things that I can’t really do without are:

  • Snack bars – anything oat-based, or raw. I put them in the change bag, by the side of the bed and next to my desk. Breastfeeding is hungry work, but sometimes once you settle in one position, you’re not moving for a while. Have snacks handy.
  • Candles/dim lighting. While I feed the babies, my husband lights a few candles and makes sure I have loads of water, and then he takes over while I nap. The early days can be tough both mentally and physically. Tiny moments of self-care and calm go a long way with me.
  • Netflix, Amazon or NOW TV. I am not devoted to one brand over the other. I swap between whichever has the thing I want to watch. The point is though, for those early morning feeds. I watch a few episodes of a series or newly added movies.

The early days can be a slog, but small things can make a big difference. For me, it is the lack of things that make it better.

*Boob for me, what you choose to use is your business.
* Some items have been sent for review purposes, all opinions are my own, some links may be affiliate links. An affiliate link costs you nothing extra to use but gives me a few pence on each purchase – to pay for all my candles and snack bars. 

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