My Caboo Carrier +organic

I’d made the decision very early on in pregnancy that I wanted a carrier, lots of brands where banded about, Ellaroo, Moby and Tomy plus many more. Video demonstrations, product reviews, colours, weight comparison charts. Then we had to take in to account that occasionally my back acts up, it had to be quick and easy for the school run, lightweight for travelling as Beau’s family live abroad. Not only this but it must be a colour that suited us both, and needed minimal adjustment going from me carrying to Beau carrying Mojo.

And then I found it, maybe it found us. My Frost Grey Caboo Carrier +organic.

It is amazing, the colour suits us both, I rarely get back pain, she sleeps every time she is in it, I can use all public transports as the baby is hugged to your chest, Mojo is always warm and cosy. Me and Beau can easily swap between using it & it takes approx 2 minutes to put it on adjust and put the baby in. The weight distribution is so good in fact I wouldn’t even notice her attached to the front of me if people didn’t point it out.

Another high point is the comfortable breastfeeding position, I would advise to practise when baby isn’t hungry to get this one right. It took 2-3 attempts to feel truly comfortable with the position, but once you get it, it’s simple. I used the carrier all the time just a few days after birth while cleaning and around the house for the following weeks, if you really feel like it and its warm take your top off and undress baby (leave a nappy on) and get some skin to skin while your busy!!

I have had a few reactions to this carrier, as they seem to be rarely used here. I’d guess around 90% of comments have mentioned how warm and cosy she looks, or how comfortable and light it looks.

All are right! Not only that but people have said how simple and effective the design is. No fiddly clips, a simple pully system.

So to sum up – Beautiful feel on the cotton, breathable, warm, comfortable, 5 positions (instruction leaflet in the box), various colours, baby is always close, breast feeding position and travel friendly too! The extra support band also doubles as a storage pouch.

And as my midwife pointed out by nature we are carriers, we don’t lay eggs, or have pouches and our babies don’t walk from birth either. This carrier is so high on my list of must-haves I will be using it for my next baby and maybe I’ll even buy another colour!

The Caboo Carrier +organic is amazing!

Mister Mojo using it for first hour snuggles.

I did not receive any products for this review, I just genuinely love it!

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