Four kids, and a fuckload of coffee


What is it about becoming a mother that makes us mother superior?

Those working moms pffff, someone else taking care of their children? Why have children at all if you are going to spend so much time away from them? Oh its okay working moms manage to spend on average 81 minutes per day with the offsping – good going hotshot.

Yuck, stay at home moms, cooking, cleaning, doing nothing but looking after their children? How boring, sitting at home being supported by the other half, not using the brains they were given? What kind of role model are they?

It’s a mine field.

I was a FTWM, now I’m a SAHM, the only difference is I don’t feel like I am scrabbling around to find extra time, I don’t feel the need to buy eldest extra things to make up for the fact I wasn’t around. I carried guilt around, I wore it daily, like a coat. Now I have too much time, and I carry a new guilt. This guilt is because I AM at home, and my children see me here, not out working hard for their futures. Instead they see me making endless dinners, cleaning & all the other trappings of SAHM-ness. So guilt of leaving my babies with someone who will never love them the way I do, or the guilt of not showing them a working mother. How to balance… How to? How? HOW!?

I’m not sure we can ever get it right… But while we ponder this we still do the best we can with the tools we are given. Which is a pair of boobs & a sort of maternal nature. If you look at it that way, work or not they are getting a pretty good deal these children.

£1 Soup

You know those stew packs you can buy in a lot of supermarkets, they are usually £1 each, and during the day sometimes its a bit hectic to watch a proper meal cooking, boiling, brazing, grilling and so on…

  Well, if I forget to buy meat in, or it’s late in the month with little money to spare I put a soup together, I rarely have to check on it, I can prep it easily between feeds/school runs…

  1 Stew pack containing –

1 Swede/Turnip
1 Parsnip
1 Onion
1 carrot
  From Kitchen – 
Bouquet Garni
Vegetable stock cube
Garlic (to taste)
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil
1 Potato
250ml Water (or add as required due to vary in size of vegetables and families)
 How to –
Chop up the onion, peel the turnip, parsnip, potato & carrot. Then cut them all in half. 
Smash garlic. (you’ll be blending it later so leave it whole)
Gently sweat onions in a little olive oil.
Add the Garlic. When you can smell them it’s time for the next step, if you have trouble with the sniffy, try the poking, if they are soft move on.
Pop in your made up Vegetable stock, Bouquet Garni, Salt & Pepper.
Then throw in all the Vegetables simmer… and leave them till they are soft, remove Bouquet Garni.

When they are soft, blend it all up how ever you’d like, if you want a little extra creamy-ness, pour in a little bit of Créme Fraíche … It’s a good winter soup, it’s cheap, it’s got the sweetness from the turnip, the thickness from the potato and best of all? Plenty of vegetables, feeds many mouths, can be made thicker or thinner – It’s a great start if you want to get into making your own soup… although I do have an easier one for you!