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Take Care Of An Older Home: Here’s Why And How

Home is a sacred spot for all things family, friends and fun. You can express your personality in your interior design, and out loud. Make rules (or break them), test entrepreneurial ideas at your kitchen table, have secret chats with your other half, play hide and seek with your children, tell stories, dance, sing, share your home with pets, grow plants and infuse the house with cooking aromas, all because you want to and can. It’s a retreat curated by you, and for you, that is home.

An old home, in particular, is a wise home, the walls are soaked with memories both good and bad, chance encounters, milestones, it’s witnessed acts of love and provided you (and others) consistent shelter and safety, and above all old homes effortlessly ooze character.

With all old homes have to give, it’s essential to reciprocate your abode with some much-deserved love and attention when you have the time and money to do so. To give back to your home and upgrade your retreat, here’s what you can do;


Single glazed wooden framed windows are only good for one thing, summer, and also if you like external sounds riveting through your home.

Instead, opt for double/triple glazing PVC windows with style. Be it sash, painted windows, or wooden effect frames; to suit your dwelling’s design, to keep the oil boilers radiating heat inside in winter, and the noisy neighbour’s bbq outside in summer.


With UK electric regulations being updated regularly, for safety and efficiency, your old home may need some new wiring and plug sockets to give your house back some spark.


If your heating system has aged, consider replacing it to keep the bricks warm. With the central heating installation cost ranging from £2500 to £4400, this is a long-term investment in the efficiency of your home.


Think twice before you stifle your home’s personality, by masking the open fireplace, exposed brick wall, ceiling beams, original wood flooring or authentic hallway tiles. Let your home’s spirit shine in all its glory by accepting and enhancing its unique features.

Treasure your old home by providing it with attention and quality workmanship. Ensure you research and plan ahead before any home reviving commences. Scour the market for central heating quotes for the best deals, refer to decorators reviews before hiring and read tips on how best to enhance your home’s characteristics.

3 Crucial Tips For Moving Home

Getting your ducks in a row is a crucial part of moving home. You need to remember things like strategically packing your underwear to prevent spending your first morning rifling through boxes to find them. The same goes for coupling items together that are useless without their other half.

Adopt Noah’s intentions and couple up toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, tins and tin openers and for more great pointers like this, look below.

Donate Or Skip It

You could Marie Kondo your possessions before moving home. Put simply, keep items that ‘spark joy’ and of course things that are imperative for your survival, like bread knives. The end goal of clearing your cache of junk is to; rid yourself of useless baggage, keep track of your things with ease and potentially reduce the cost of moving.

Legit Moving Company

It might be tempting to hire a medium-sized van, underestimate the volume of your stuff and coax a few family members into helping you move with the promise of a McDonald’s reward, just so that you can attempt to cut down on moving costs. However, this could be more expensive in the long run. Hiring professional house movers means contents damage cover and your stuff handled and transported by moving veterans. The result is you don’t lose things along the way, no-one pulls a back muscle, your items are intact on arrival, and your blood pressure remains at a healthy level throughout moving day.

First Night Box

This is essential to help you cope with life when your stuff is splattered around your new home. Pack everyday toiletries, pillows and duvets, pyjamas and the essentials to make you a well-deserved cuppa. Alert the mover you wish to keep this box with you for easy access. Your survival box takes care of you through the night and enables you to take on the next day of unpacking.

Downsizing your things, bringing in the professional movers and crafting a first night box means a stress-free first day and night in your new home.