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    Cobweb Clearing — 10 Cathartic Cleaning Tips

    Are you feeling bored and bogged down after a frantic festive season?  Begging for something brilliant to banish the New Year blues?  Energy eclipsed by ennui?  Then slouch in suboptimal moods no more — because cleaning your home with the…

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    Flying from Brum? 5 family holiday travel tips

    Birmingham’s home to two terrific footy teams (Birmingham City and Aston Villa) and the third-favourite poet in British history (Benjamin Zephaniah, according to a 2009 BBC poll).  But Brum also boasts a brilliant airport with non-stop flights to 70 cities,…

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    Period Talk & Teens

    When it comes to periods, I feel fortunate that so much of the biological stuff is tackled by sex education and biology in school. While I am pretty good at covering any topic the kids ask about, I am by…