Nurturing Touch Face Routine

We all naturally stroke our babies faces. This just takes it a little further.

Use no oil on the face, the touches will be so gentle you won’t need it, that and it’s too heavy for babies facial skin.

Always ask you baby if you can massage them, it’s important to do this because babies have very little control of what already happens to them. It also starts to build up a trust. Once they understand what/how you are saying they will respond with a yes or no gesture or noise.

Make sure to be in a calm environment, use soothing tones of voice and calm gestures. Start to associate the calm sensations with a relaxing massage.It is better that baby be lying in front of you in a warm room with little to no clothing or nappy on.

To start:

Open Book:  As if gently smoothing a page in a book, stroke across baby’s forehead
Relax your eyes: Stroke over the eye brows, start from the middle of the face and move to the outer part.
Happy sinus and cheek muscles: slide you finger up the bridge of the nose then diagonally across the cheeks
Smile: Gently trace the shape above the lips and then below the lips
Relax the jaw: Trace small circles around the jaw line
Ears, Neck and all of those chins: Stroke gently over the ears, behind the ears and then under the chin(s).
Oliver & Grace: Create your own story with different names if you like too!

Once there were two little grubs, one called Oliver and one called Grace
(stroke both eyebrows)
Oliver went round and round the trees
(stroke round the cheeks)
and over the hills
(trace over the chin)
and around the trees again
(stroke around the cheeks)
and then he met his friend Grace
Graces says ‘Look! It’s starting to rain
(Soft fingertip dabs on the forehead)
It’s trickling down the hills
(stroke down the nose)
Oliver says it’s time to sleep
(place palms over the eyes)
When we wake up it will be a lovely new day
(stroke both cheeks, then gently run fingertips from top of forehead to chin)

Once you have finished, pick baby up, give them a kiss and say ‘Thank you’.


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