Northycote Farm & Country Park

Northycote Farm, Underhill La, Wolverhampton WV10 7JF


We had a really wonderful walk through Northycote Farm and Country Park. The farm itself is not huge so it’s perfect for toddlers, they have a great selection of sheep, ducks and chickens. Some lovely pigs and a few other feathers friends. The carpark is of a decent size too but it is a very popular spot with dog walkers and ramblers so try and arrive a little early. The sensory garden was brilliant for the kids and a real attraction for us was the scent of the curry plants! Fabulous.

There is a coffee shop which serves a host of different meals and is incredibly inviting after your long stroll.

We had tree climbing, wood hopping, mud trampling, hill rolling, hand holding and bug spotting fabulous time.

Entry is free and I would say bring plenty of drinks as you can get some serious distance between you and the coffee shop without noticing.

If you want to visit Northycote Farm use this link to find more information: Northycote Farm and Country Park.

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