Morphe 35M Boss Mood Eyeshadow Palette Review

Oh my god.

I have been toying with the idea of a Morphe eyeshadow palette for ages. Everyone seems to love them, and I wanted to know why. This one, the Morphe Boss Mood Artistry Palette is £23, and there are 35 shades – holy shit.

Here is their own photo, for colour comparison due to editing and lighting:

Thoughts on the Morphe 35M Boss Mood Eyeshadow Palette:

It’s a mix of shimmers and mattes, which is great for playing around with. There were a few colours that I specifically wanted to try. I didn’t have any greens in my collection, I usually find them difficult to work with – but that’s because I have a fairly pink undertone and some colours I’ve struggled to make work in the past.

The transitions shades are very nice to use, and the colour pay off is crazy good for the price. There is a lot of kickback on my photo because I’d recently done a Maleficent look for my daughter at 6am and hitting small pans with a big brush never works well. With typical usage, there is a small amount of kickback overall, and there is a fair amount of fallout on the purple shades. The pay off on the brush (in this case a JS natural hair brush) was insanely good – so swings and roundabouts. Get some fallout catchers, and you’ll be fine.

I had to remind myself that this palette was only £23.

There were a couple of colours that really caught my eye, I’ve done a quick swatch of a few of them, by far the bottom two are my favourites.

There are beautiful green reflects in Sheen Stellar, and it is the type of shade that goes with a mainstream or more grunge look. The latter of which I prefer. Bossy AF isn’t a tone I’d usually use, I steer away from pinks most of the time, but I really love this one.

The names, in general, make me so happy. Stand Out has a slight pinky peach reflect which works so well for me. And although with a 6-month-old, Stroke of Luck looks like baby shit green, it lays down like a dream.

Transformer & Center of Attention (the bottom two left shades in the palette photo, in that order) are beautiful.


I love it. It has some experimental shades, but also some basic browns and peachy tones. The shimmers are very lovely, and I have very little fallout (bar the darkest purple shade) or kickback when I’m using it properly.

The palette is huge, so it does better on a desk, vanity or in proper storage. That said I really love the look of Morphe’s newer Bronze Goals (currently out of stock), so that is on my list. So are Armed & Gorgeous and the Dark Magic palettes.

I love the colour story, I love the payoff, and the price is incredible.


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