Lindam’s Birthday!

For 25 years Lindam has been helping us keep our babies safe. 

When I had Eldest, all the way back when I remember picking up my first safety gate when she took her first steps and they are the brand I turn to every time.

You, like me, probably think that Lindam only do safety gates but you, like me, would be wrong!

Their safety accessories range is brilliant. We use a lot of the products ourselves and Mojo has a particular fondness for a certain Owl Nightlight.

If you do a job for 25 years you know a thing or to about that subject and here is some advice from the guys at Lindam on making your home a safer place for your tiny people-

Stairs: To your toddler – this is the best playroom in the house! The joy of exploring and climbing up your stairs will soon be diffused if they tumble from top to bottom. A huge range of stair gates is available to keep stairs strictly off limits. Gates should be fitted to the top and bottom of stairs to keep your little one safely behind bars! Stair gates are also a great option for open doorways leading onto landings, kitchens or large open hallways. 

Doors: Opening, closing, swinging, banging…a door provides a wealth of delights for little hands. Door stoppers can protect those busy fingers from traps and squashes by either stopping the door from moving, or stopping the door before it makes contact with the frame. 

Corners: If your toddler is cruising and pulling up on units and tables, the corners can be a disaster area for bumped heads and sore eyes. Corner cushions are designed to soften the blow and reduce the need for cuddles and cold compresses!
Cupboards/drawers: Items in cupboards offer an endless delight for curious toddlers. Give yourself sanity and protect hands from hidden dangers by fitting safety latches which prevent doors and drawers from opening. Peace of mind for all!


 They are so confident in their products that they have recently put in place a Life Time Guarantee*!


*For products with the stamp and purchased on or after 01/01/2014 AND registered online within 30 days of purchase.


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