Lazy Lavender Loaf

I love baking bread but sometimes I don’t have time to get all the ingredients, or I want the kids to help and often it’s easier to take a few shortcuts. This Lazy Lavender Loaf is very easy because it’s straight out of a mix bag and you add the lavender yourself.

Lavender Loaf with Wykes Butter

I picked up some lavender from Tiger a couple of weekends ago, with the intention to make a loaf. I grabbed a bag of bread mix too. It says on the pack you can add butter as an optional extra. So I did. I had a lovely creamy butter sent to me from Wykes a week or so ago. There is nothing like real butter is there?

Lavender Loaf with Wykes Butter-2

I added two large spoonfuls to my bread mix, I would stick with this in future too. It was a delicate flavour without being too overpowering but you certainly knew it was there.

Lavender Loaf with Wykes Butter-3

Once I had kneaded the dough I popped in a big bowl to rise. I left it for about two hours.

Lavender Loaf with Wykes Butter-4

Once it had risen, I knocked it back, shaped it and popped it in the over for 25 minutes.

Lavender Loaf with Wykes Butter-7

Lavender Loaf with Wykes Butter-5

When the loaf was baking the house became filled with a warm lavender scent. Couple that with the gorgeous baking bread smell and it was pretty heavenly.

Lavender Loaf with Wykes Butter-8

Once the loaf had cooled slightly, I sliced it up, slathered it in butter and it was amazing. I used the same butter in the loaf that I used to spread on top. It was a completely satisfying, creamy, dreamy afternoon. Lazy Lavender Loaf was one of the nicest, but easiest things I’ve made in a while.

I was given two blocks of butter to try out in a recipe and I couldn’t think of once single recipe better to test butter on. Freshly baked bread and good butter is, in my opinion the best combination.


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