Kid’s Gift Guide

When it comes to the kiddos, there are some fabulous things now that I would’ve adored as a kid. We used to invest a lot of cash into technology, like PS4’s, the Nintendo Switch and so on. But, this year it’s pretty low tech. The girls haven’t been asking for the vast amount of goodies they normally do, which is really refreshing. So here are some things that the kiddos are loving the Christmas.

Oh yes indeed. Ot wouldn’t be Christmas without these little bears. We also do the bunnies come easter time. There is just something about them that we love, and we have plenty to go round on the lazy winter nights. Love some Lindt Bears? Purchase > Lindt Bear Tree Decs <

We did have a real dog, and unfortunately he isn’t with us anymore. However, this little guy, Waggles, is super fun and great for younger kids. My Niece, Ruby, is obsessed with baby dolls, doggies and cats – so as you can imagine, this is top of her list. Got a kiddo who loves taking care of dogs but isn’t ready for the real thing? Check this out > Waggles <

Ivy has been asking for a fairy garden for ages. We go for a lot of woodland walks, and of course we talk about where the fairies and wood elves might be hiding. While pretending to be a fairy on a computer games is no doubt fun, building a little home for one is way cooler. To build your own with your child check it out here > My Fairy Garden <

Soft skin suffers in the winter, I’ve recently written about another cream we love to use but Aveeno night balm is amazing. It is thick and creamy, absorbs really easily and super comforting for night time itchers. For me, christmas doesn’t have to be about glitz and glam. I have four kids, so jumpers, socks and skin creams are all ideal. Pick up some soothing cream here > Aveeno Dermexa <

When you wish upon a star, all your dreams come true. Or, the gift you can get for people who either have everything, or don’t want anything. It takes up no room and is a keepsake for years to come. This year the recipient for this is my almost teenage daughter. She isn’t difficult to buy for, but I wanted something that was a not the usual gift certificate or money. If you know a little star then click here > Name a Star <.

Hello there sparkly buddy. Shimmeez are big in the sequin game. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock then you’ll have seen the reversible sequin craze by now. This little fella is covered in them. About the size of a decent throw cushion, and super cute. Got a sequin lover? > Shimmeez Yaffa <

Ivy loves her some sensory play. She’s always been super tactile and very creative. John Adams Play Stuff dough is great fun and the biggest perk is the box is the play mat AND the fold away box. Smart stuff. If you’ve got a budding sculptor then this might be for them > John Adams Play Stuff Dough <

Kids and grown-ups love it so… you know the rest. My girls love HARIBO, so it stands to reason we’d have some tasty treats tucked under the tree. I think the Fairyland is really cool and it ties in beautifully with the fairy garden for Ivy. Craving for gummies? > HARIBO Fairyland <

The same kid who got the star, will be having some limited edition Go Get Glitter from Impulse. Luckily Impulse has got some great budget scents that are ‘cool’ enough to be seen in a school bag, and nice enough to share too! If you’ve got a smelly teen, or someone always on the go then check out > Go Get Glitter <

But the brush was in the women’s gift guide! Yeah, they do lovely kids brushes too. That pink one is for Lily, who might well grow up to be a dentist. (Mine is the acid yellow/green one). Taking care of little nashers here > Humble Brush <

If you just need all the tech and none of the goodies above then hit my storefront for a selection of tablets > Mojo Blogs Kid’s Tech Storefront.

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