Jazz Up Your Bedroom In 3 Easy Steps

The bedroom is arguably the one  room in our home that we dedicate the most time to. Whether spending a good few hours in there napping, getting ready for the day within the walls or simply going to sleep, it is undoubtedly a space that we need to feel comfortable in. As Mums, this is a space that we cherish, love and desire – it is our safe space, our quiet place.

So what happens when it all starts to get a bit dull? Do you take the plunge and redecorate the whole lot, or would you rather pop in some homely bits and bobs to get it back up to scratch again? If it’s the latter, then carry on reading…

Change the fabrics

Something as simple as a new duvet cover and pillowcases can really brighten up a room. Add cushions with interchangeable covers to go with whatever mood you feel; it’ll help to make the room look as cosy as you dream of. Blankets and throws also add a great touch, and you can mix and match patterns between the throw and the duvet if desired for an edgy feel. Curtains and blinds can also be chopped and changed; don’t think that you have to hold on to the same ones for life or until the next big redecorate! It could even help you with other factors in the long run; if you have thin curtains that let a lot of light in, change for some of a thicker blackout material – it’ll keep the heat retained in for longer and provide you with a better night’s sleep.


Furnish the walls

It’s totally okay to start putting up posters again. Remember when you were younger and they used to adorn your walls – favourite boybands, cute fads that you got swept up in, the latest hot male model? Now the focus is probably more on characters from TV shows and films, but the more ‘adult’ thing to do is to pop them up in a poster frame. You don’t have to just put posters in these frames, you can put up whatever you please (collages are making a big comeback!), but it’s always nice to wake up to something you know you love.

Clear the clutter

It may be something as simple as getting rid of all of the stuff that you don’t ever use in your room to give it a new lease of life. Use the Marie Kondo theory to get through the pile quickly and efficiently; if an item doesn’t bring you joy when you pick it up, it’s time to get rid of it. It may seem a bit cut-throat and impulsive, but apparently it’s the only way to achieving bliss in a room. If you are constantly surrounded by things that you don’t need and/or don’t use, you are blocking space for the stuff that matters. Once you’ve done a clearout you may be more free and able to move around your furniture. Feng-shui away and let the good vibes begin to flow; who knew that jazzing up your bedroom could be so simple and easy?


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