Pictures in Italy

We spent time in Italy as a family of 5, when our smallest was just 6 or so months old. We stayed in Tuscany, in a large villa on the side of a huge mountain! The top photograph hints at the height of the villa and the views and distance on a clear day. Although it was warm it wasn’t too hot for the children to play outside.
While we were there we took a few day trips to Lucca, Florence and Pisa. Something that was really obvious so quickly was that they are very child friendly and accommodating. Our waiters and waitresses where amazing with the children being sure to bring their meals out quickly and my girls loved them. I was breastfeeding at the time and was able to do so anywhere.

We visited Mercato di San Lorenzo and sampled some amazing foods, rather than from a restaurant we at from the stalls and cafe – which was a brilliant move. We sat and enjoying meats, cheeses, stuffed vegetables and the children chattered amongst themselves.

We checked out the Leaning Tower of Pisa and ate… pizza just around the corner, very touristy but it was such a lovely meal.

Wine and coffee away from Duomo di San Martino.
Gelato and a stroll through the streets of Lucca with the girls pointing at the architecture and commenting on all the wonderful smells.
It was a very relaxing trip even with three children under ten. We hugely enjoyed the atmosphere and the friendliness of the local and their totally relaxed approach to children. It’s family orientated and wonderful.

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