I Haven’t Been To The Dentist In Years, Should I Have A Check-up?

If you haven’t been for a check-up in a while, then it is important to book a meeting as soon as possible with your dentist. A lack of proper dental hygiene can be damaging to your health, and can have serious consequences later in life, and there may be issues such as cavities, that if left untreated can turn into much larger issues. 

Is there anything I can do at home?

There are many things that can be done in the space of your own home, that can vastly improve the hygiene of your mouth. This mainly includes regular brushing and flossing, and employing proper techniques for both. You should also make sure to use fluoride mouthwash to reach any places that brushing, or flossing may not get to. It is also important to regulate snacks, and obviously limit the amount of sugary foods in your diet, as these can cause significant damage to the enamel.

I am concerned about going to the dentist, is there anything that will help?

A phobia of the dentist is a perfectly normal and common thing. Many people associate the dentist with pain, guilt and discomfort. However, the vast majority of dental practices these days are far more accommodating for people with dental phobia and will have specific programmes and information for nervous patients. Therefore, if you are concerned about going to the dentist, then we urge you to employ sometechniques that can help you feel more relaxed.

One technique that can be great for getting over a fear of the dentist, is to begin with a small treatment first, before going for anything like a filling or root canal. Most dental practices will offer a clean and polish service, which is simply a hygienic process. This can help you break the ice with entering a dental practice, and get used to things such as sitting in the chair and interacting with your dentist, before attempting anything greater.


I can’t go to the dentist, is there anything I can do?  

For anyone who feels as if they cannot go to the dentist, for whatever reason, many practices will offer adentist from home service. This means that a dentist will be able to visit, and perform a series of treatments in your own home. However, these kinds of services are usually reserved for the disabled, or the elderly. Also, there will be an additional cost for travel and insurance, which can become expensive if it is on top of your existing dental bill. If dental phobia is the only reason you do not want to attend a dental practice, then it will be far easier to simply call or contact the practice and explain your situation. Most teams will be able to direct you to a programme, that will ease you into receiving dental treatment, and have you receiving help comfortably in no time.


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