How to Save Money All Year Round

Is there ever a time of year that you don’t need to save money? Whether it’s Christmas, family birthdays, summer holidays, there is always something that wants to drain you of your hard-earned cash. You know all the standard recommendations to save money:

  • Avoid convenience foods
  • Use the car less
  • Switch energy providers regularly
  • Phone your car insurer for a better deal before it is due

There are other things that you can do though to cut your households expenditure without having to do too much work. Why does saving money have to impact your time and energy so much?


Ditch Alcohol During the Week

If you have ever stopped drink alcohol for Stoptober, not only will you have benefited from a better night’s sleep and clearer skin, but you will have noticed that your bank account is healthier too. While stopping alcohol altogether is the healthy ideal, it is often unrealistic. If you limit your intake to weekends, you can save money without feeling deprived of something you enjoy.

Buy Online

The online world is an incredible place to find money-saving deals on a variety of items. From clothing to high quality ink for your Epson printer, opt to always browse online first before heading to the high street. 

Socialise Like You Used to

Remember the times when you used to pile round to a girlfriend’s house to watch a video? Rather than meeting friends in pubs and clubs, get together at each other’s homes. Watch a film on Netflix and share a bottle of wine. Saving money doesn’t mean that you must become a hermit, you just need to adjust where you go. Staying in can be the new going out.

Saving money doesn’t have to be a struggle and shouldn’t have to impact on your lifestyle too much. By making wiser choices on how and where you spend your money, even small adjustments over time can make a significant impact.


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