How to Make the Most of a Family Break

Going on holiday with family can be a joy, however, sometimes it can be a nightmare. Many of you reading this will have already experienced the worst that family breaks have to offer. Good news for you is that it is possible to have a perfect family holiday that everyone enjoys. If you’re about to embark on one and are wondering whether you’ve done all you can to make it a holiday to remember, the following tips should ease your mind. Everyone deserves a restful holiday, and the best place to start is with a plan. 

Keep it Simple

While you might be longing to enjoy an exotic holiday, with golden sandy beaches, palm trees and plenty of sun, lounging around and topping up the sun tan is not the ideal type of holiday if you’ve got children. Forget those Utopian dream holidays you’ve been browsing on Trip Advisor and get real by thinking a little closer to home. Travelling to your dream destination and back home again will be so stressful you’ll all need another holiday to get over the experience. Why not consider staying close to the UK capital city and visiting the many London attractions? 

Half the Fun Should be the Anticipation

Encourage the family to count down the days and make sure your kids are excited to be going on holiday. Look at pictures of your destination and help them plan what you’re going to do when you get there. If your children are old enough, they can help you decide where you’re going to go. Your children are going to want to be active, so it’s a good idea to find a happy compromise so that everyone gets a chance to do something they want. Talk about the journey and how you’re going to get there. Consider travelling by train rather than driving. 

Make the Journey Fun

Getting to your ultimate destination should be fun rather than a chore. Try and switch into holiday mode the moment you lock your front door and head out on your journey. Leave all the stress of the holiday planning behind, relax and enjoy the trip. Travelling with older children is bound to be easier, but even with youngsters, as long as you plan ahead, you can have a pleasurable journey. By planning, that means not just deciding the route but making sure there is entertainment for the journey, snacks that won’t make a mess and lots of pit stops. 

One last tip that may well be the hardest and that is to unplug for the duration of your stay away. The whole idea behind a family break is for everyone to have fun together. There should be lots of laughter, chats and shared experiences. These will all be difficult if one of the family is glued to their mobile device for the duration. At the very least ditch the phones during the day and enjoy spending time with each other. Bring along some family games such as a pack of playing cards, Scrabble, Ludo or even Snakes and Ladders, because as you all know the UK’s weather can be a little unpredictable. You might surprise yourselves and have fun. 


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