How To: Food Festival

We are avid foodies, and as such we have been to plenty of food festivals. We love world food days, vegan fests, meat festivals and seasonal ones too. During that time we’ve gotten much better at knowing what to bring and how to navigate the food festival.

Here are five quick tips for getting the most out of the festivals.

  1. Arrive early. This one is really important, there tends to be fewer people when you arrive early and you can take a more leisurely stroll around and plot out roughly what foods you want to try and the route to get to them later.
  2. Bring change. When we went to our first one, we took notes with us and at the end of the day had a stack of pound coins and fifty pence pieces. Some vendors didn’t have enough change when we tried to pay and we ended up needed to buy something from another stall and come back to pick up our food and pay. A mix of pound coins, fifty pence and fivers will do the trick here.
  3. Bring a cooler bag/lunch bag. After we have spent a few hours trying all the delicious food we want to take something home for later. The first time we went to a food fest we ended up carrying food cartons because no one had plastic bags left. Skip the hassle and bring your own!
  4. Read up in advance. If it is a drinks and food combo festival, remember that the drinks queues can be really long around midday-2pm so pick up bottles of water earlier on if you can’t get the drink you are after later. Or if you know one will be particularly popular, then be prepared to queue and one person get drinks while one gets the food – hopefully you’ll be done around the same time. Saves juggling a drink and digging for change for the food – or vice verses.
  5. Toilets. When you arrive, find the toilets. This one is really important if you have children with you.

The best thing about Food Festivals is that you can try something you might not normally try, taste flavours from different countries and it’s all freshly cooked¬†thanks to the diesel generators that the for trucks use. I love the hum of the people eating and families choosing different dishes from various trucks, I enjoy the smells of all the different cuisines and more than all of that? I love the way that a food festival brings communities together for a few hours to enjoy each others cultural dishes.



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