How Eve Mattress Can Help You Sleep Better

Sleep better. You read the title and you are hooked already. You want to sleep better. Who doesnt? It does not matter if you sleep well or not, the thought of sleeping even better than you currently are is gripping. As a mother, I need sleep. There are times where I do not get enough sleep through the night, so better sleep, no matter how little, is like gold. I want it. You want it. But, how do we get it?

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The Eve mattress promises just that, but does it actually help you to sleep better?

Let’s find out.


Eve is a mattress in a box company. There are many, and there will be many more to come. The idea is basic. You order a foam mattress. The middle-man is cut out. The complete Eve mattress, packed up in a convenient box, is shipped straight to your door. The savings are passed onto you and into the quality of the product. I like saving money.


Like Ogres, foam mattresses have layers (sorry, couldnt resist a Shrek reference). The Eve mattress has a supportive base layer, topped with a breathable, cooling layer, topped with a contouring layer of memory foam.

These three layers help to cool you while giving you a supportive sleep. The 10inches of foam give enough firmness and softness to help you sleep through the night no matter what position you are in.


You cannot read about the Eve mattress without reading that they created over 70,000 prototypes over four years, before creating the perfect mattress. I know nothing about making mattresses, but I do know that that is a lot of prototypes. With that much dedication, there must be something to be said for the Eve mattress.


When I go to sleep, the blankets are thrown off the bed. I am usually so hot after a day in my own life that I need some time to cool down. When I wake up, I am freezing and clamoring for the now-lost blankets. Temperature is a big part of our sleep quality.

The Eve mattress addresses this with the layer of cooling foam. By allowing the air through the mattress, the foam does not become too hot or too cold. This means an end to lost blankets through the night. Studies even show that regulated temperature during sleep can improve the quality of your sleep and allow you to sleep longer.


If you have ever slept next to someone, then chances are you have been woken by them tossing and turning throughout the night (or they have been woken by you). The Eve mattress counters this in two ways.

The supportive foam in the three mattress layers are all specially designed to support your body. Tossing and turning during the night can be because of many factors, but one specific element is your comfort. The memory foam supports you and keeps you in the same position longer. It also keeps you comfortable longer.

If you do toss and turn through the night with this mattress, then the person beside you will have less of a chance of waking up. When shifting on this foam mattress, the other side is not affected as it would be with a spring mattress. When I move in the night, the other person knows it. The foam in this mattress will keep you undisturbed through the night.


I have been talking so much about the benefits of this mattress when it comes to sleeping, that I have not had time to talk about the benefits on your wallet. The cost of this when compared to a traditional mattress, alone, makes it worth it. Your quality of sleep you will get with this mattress makes it even more worth it.


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