I’m Dreaming of a Green Kitchen

At the moment I am living on interior design websites, and scrolling through Instagram for ideas. In the last few weeks we’ve made over the living room, and previously did the bedrooms and landing which was a lot of fun. So now I have two places left that need attention. My own bedroom needs a lick of paint, but we recently decluttered it so well that the painting doesn’t feel like it has to be done right now. And that leaves the kitchen. And, to be honest, I really am dreaming of a green kitchen.

I keep coming back to the same kind of colours. Earthy tones, with green walls. Our kitchen also has the back door in it, and I feel that bringing the green in will extend the outside to inside. Which, is vital to me, when I work inside so much and also, green is a really gentle colour.

Colour Inspiration

So to go with the green, I would be swapping to a lighter worktop. The current ones are black and wouldn’t have been something I would’ve chosen (ever). We have been looking at something a little more rustic in texture and tone. After a lot of online searching, worktop-express.co.uk/laminate-worktops have a range of wood-toned laminate worktops that would be perfect. So when it does come time for the revamp, that is likely where we will be ordering from.

Although I love the modern minimalist aesthetic, I think for me when it comes down to it, it would be too cold. However, our tiles are white, and I think that will be a great balance between a more rustic/ earthy room and somewhere that is still clean and bright. My husband is basically terrible at DIY, so it’s something we do in small parts. There is a large strip light in the kitchen, and I want to change it to something a little less confronting first thing in the morning, and some under cupboard lighting for in the evenings.

We love the idea of having something very modern for lighting, against the calmer and country greens and woods, something a little more like this:

And, this goes without saying – a lot of herbs and plants to fill the rest of the room. The same as now to be honest, but I really want to install a herb wall too!




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