How To Help Your Bleeding Gums

I’ve had bleeding gums on and off for the last few years. It seemed to be really prominent during pregnancy, on top of what feels like a lot already going on, bleeding gums can feel like something you can just ignore. It’s not, but by switching up your dental care routine you can help dramatically reduce the bleeding and eventually get none. I’m not going to lie, you need to get used to the taste/flavour but after a few days it’s fine and in the long run – more than worth it.


There are a few products on the market at the moment that may help with that, but for me I have used Corsodyl for years now. The mouthwash and toothpaste are something I have used for year and have seen such a huge improvement in my gum health, which was noted by my dentist at my last visit – hurrah! I have also recently taken this quick quiz from Love Your Mouth to see what toothpaste they actually recommended to me and huzzah – it was Corsodyl, so that made me even more confident in my choice. After that I completed it for the girls and then made sure we had the right toothpaste for them. Yes, I know, it’s not hard – you go by age, but there are many brands on the market and not all toothpaste is equal.


** More Information:

Poor oral health can often lead to more dental problems, so it’s important to keep your teeth and gums in good shape and the whole family smiling. Love Your Mouth is about committing to a daily care routine that will help keep your mouth healthy.

Children’s enamel is 50% thinner than an adult’s, so their teeth need a little extra care to help avoid tooth decay and ensure they grow healthy and strong. A good daily oral health routine will help avoid dental nasties such as tooth decay, so it’s important to make brush time a fun experience. By following a few of our top tips in this video you can avoid brush time battles and teach your children how to look after their teeth and gums.

Corsodyl® Daily Mint Mouthwash is specially formulated for everyday use and is clinically proven to help protect gums by removing plaque* and creating a shield for up to 12 hours. It also contains fluoride to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. Corsodyl® Daily Mouthwash comes in cool mint, fresh mint and icy mint varieties.

Corsodyl Daily Toothpaste is specially formulated for plaque removal. Gum problems can be caused by the build-up of plaque. Corsodyl Daily Toothpaste cleans teeth by aiding plaque removal and so helps maintain the health of your gums. Also contains fluoride to prevent cavities so you can use it every day with confidence.

Corsodyl Daily Toothpaste contains 70% specialised ingredients.* It contains mineral salt and herbal extracts that give it a unique taste.

*with twice daily brushing, products were provided for review, opinions all my own. 


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